When It Rains, It Pours

To put it bluntly, it’s been a really shitty week. And it’s only Wednesday (as I’m writing this. Probably Thursday when you’re reading it).

It started Friday when Zoey came home from school not feeling well. By Sunday, she and Alden were both getting COVID tested (both negative, THANK GOD). Monday they were both still not ready to go back to school and Dinah was puking. I spent the morning taking Alden to urgent care for an antibiotic prescription for a sinus infection. By lunchtime I was then taking Dinah to get COVID swabbed (also negative, THANK GOD).

Then Monday evening came and I learned that a nurse I had worked with for years in Seattle had suddenly died. This incredible woman had been my preceptor and mentor in the neuro ICU from the time I was still in nursing school. She had taught me so much about being an ICU nurse. She cheered me on, encouraged me, and hugged me when I cried and doubted myself. And she did those things for dozens of us. She was ever patient, ever kind. She loved a good joke and laughed easily. Her death was a shock, and a mighty blow coming on the heels of the death of another amazing nurse from my former hospital. I felt gutted, broken-hearted. I spent a good amount of Monday night crying and missing my Seattle coworkers something awful.

Tuesday morning came and I was off to my annual wellness check which, this time around, focused on a lot of my long-hauler issues. I got my third dose of the Pfizer vaccine (yay!) and then had EIGHT vials of blood drawn for all the things we’re checking on in me.

Hey, remember that cold going through our house? Within two hours of my vaccine booster and the major blood draws, I could feel the congestion building and my energy levels plummeting. My immune system basically rolled over and gave up the fight, deciding to focus on the vaccine instead.

So I spent all day Wednesday in bed with a head cold and pounding headache. Zach took care of getting the kids to school and picking them up. Then he headed off to take Alden to therapy while Zoey and Dinah watched cartoons downstairs. I was getting the laptop set up for Eleanor’s virtual dyslexia tutoring when Zoey came running in saying, “Mom! Eleanor thinks she broke her arm!”

I found Eleanor on the floor in her room, whimpering and holding her arm. She had jumped off the bed, but her foot got caught and caused her to land on her elbow. I could tell it was either broken or dislocated at the elbow. I called Zach to turn around and come back because, remember, I was dealing with a pounding headache and head full of snot making me too dizzy to stand, much less drive her to urgent care.

So I spent two hours pacing the house while anxiety and guilt ate me alive for not being able to go with Eleanor to the doctor. Zach finally texted me, affirming that it was indeed broken. The real kicker though: she needs surgery.

So we are waiting for the surgeon and scheduling people to call us to get her in. Oh, that’s right: Idaho is under crisis standards of care. Every healthcare location is overloaded and understaffed. Thanks, anti-maskers / anti-vaxxer ASSHOLES.

And, just because life really likes to kick you when you’re down: Eleanor is now also coming down with this awful virus that has been going through our house. Which could further delay her ability to have surgery.

Did I mention we have tickets to go see Simone Biles – Eleanor’s idol since she was four – on Friday? Did I also mention Eleanor, Zoey, and I were supposed to be going to Girl Scout camp together this weekend? Cross all that off Eleanor’s weekend plans (and probably no camp for any of us).

Send good vibes, healing thoughts, good karma and juju…whatever you’ve got. Because we need it.

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