Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru

A couple weeks ago I saw an ad pop-up in one of my social media feeds for the Jurassic Quest drive-thru experience in Nampa, ID. It was a temporary exhibit, set up in the massive parking lot of the event center. You drive through in your car and see life-size animatronic dinosaurs. Well, I know Alden would be all in for something like that, and it had been awhile since the kids got out of the house for something special. This was a COVID-safe way to do something fun. Bonus: they were offering a discount for healthcare workers.

Check out the excitement on Eleanor’s face in this photo

The day of the event (you reserve a date and arrival time window), I got an email informing me of the narration to download to go with the exhibit. The options were SoundCloud and YouTube. I tried downloading the SoundCloud app first, but it didn’t give me the option anywhere to download the audio file. When I tried YouTube, I discovered you needed to have a YouTube Premium account in order to download anything. This was a bit annoying, but I didn’t want to use up all my data trying to stream the narration at the event, so I signed up for the 1 month free trial of the YouTube premium and downloaded it. I’m so glad I did, because the narration really added a lot to the experience. I played it through the van’s speakers via Bluetooth so we all could hear it.

All of the dinosaurs were really cool, but the sheer size of the apatosaurus, spinosaurus and megalodon was utterly amazing. The kids were blown away by how huge they all were, how close they were, watching them move, hearing them roar.

Spinosaurus was ENORMOUS which is ironic because this photo uploaded really small for some reason.
Megalodon. Also huge.
Aaaaand just what every parent wants their kids to see: T-rexes eating a triceratops.

When we first arrived, I was a bit unsure about our decision to spend the money on this event. I thought, “Is that all it’s going to be?” But honestly, it was really fun. The whole thing takes about half an hour to drive through while listening to the audio tour. It really is a very extensive exhibit, so big that I couldn’t see it all at first. And the kids just had such a blast doing it.

Looks like we have the perfect Christmas card photo for this year!

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