Bronze Awards and Bridging

I’ve been so thankful for our Girl Scout troop over this past year. Our troop leader hardly missed a beat when the pandemic hit. She quickly pivoted us to zoom meetings so the girls got to keep interacting with each other once a week. For one meeting, she even had DoorDash deliver dinner to each of the girls’ houses so they could all share a meal together over zoom.

At the end of April this year, we finally started to meet in-person again, at a park so we could safely be together outdoors. Our troop is a multi-level troop, with Daisy Scouts, Brownies, Juniors, and Seniors (no Cadets or Ambassadors at the moment). Over the past few weeks, the Juniors (which includes Zoey) have been working on their Bronze Award. They decided they wanted to solve the problem of kids forgetting to bring their reusable water bottles to school. They researched how bad the single-use water bottles are for the environment, along with the cost to teachers of providing cups for students to use during the pandemic since water fountains are turned off. They came up with the solution of rubber bracelets with reminders printed on them, as well as carabiner clips to hang on backpacks that say, “Clip it, don’t forget it!” They can be used to attach water bottles to the backpacks as well. Hundreds of these items were ordered by the girls and purchased using troop funds from selling cookies. The girls then passed them out to their classes at school, after giving a presentation about it.

At our service unit ceremony this month, Zoey and her fellow Junior scouts presented their Bronze Award project there as well. They then passed out the bracelets and clips to all those in attendance.

At this ceremony, Eleanor also bridged from Brownie Scout to Junior. I’m so proud of all their hard work. They love being Girl Scouts, and I hope that continues. This summer they will be doing three full weeks of Girl Scout daycamp. One week of “Culinary Creations” that ends in an Iron Chef style competition, one week of “Animal Lovers” and one week of “Fantastic Art.” We wanted them to have as many opportunities for safe fun and socialization as possible this summer.

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