Growing, Growing, Growing

It has been a year of growth in our household, physically , mentally, and emotionally. Alden started out the school year having just grown into size 5T clothes. In the nine months since then he has skyrocketed into size seven (which I’ve decided to forego and jump straight to eight) and we have bought him shoes three times, going up a size each time. He now wears the same size shoes as Eleanor (who is two-and-a-half years older than him).

Finally in bunk beds!

Zoey seems to have less growth spurts these days and just be going through a slow, constant growing, creeping ever closer to my height. She’s less than an inch from the height requirement to ditch the booster seat in the car, and the wait to get there is driving her mad. She is dangerously close to wearing the same size shoes as me, which means soon none of my shoes will be safe anymore. She’s been openly coveting the red kitten heels I wore for my wedding since she was a toddler.

Eleanor, our feather-boned child, is desperately trying to gain just a few more pounds to meet the fifty pound minimum weight requirement to go zip lining this summer. You can’t exactly pack heavier clothes on to fake it in the summer in Idaho when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Eleanor bridged from Brownie to Junior scout.

Dinah is rapidly growing up, too, although less-so in the physical sense. While she’s gained a bit of height, she remains in the 1st percentile for weight at a whopping twenty-three pounds. We finally turned her car seat forward-facing, though, which has her thrilled to no end. It’s been over a week now and she’s still talking about it. We also ditched her crib-turned-toddler bed. She is over the moon about her new “big girl bed.”

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