Blissful Reunion

After 382 days without seeing my parents face-to-face, I finally got to hug my Mom again last week.

Thanks to me getting vaccinated for work and my parents getting vaccinated in the ages 65+ group in their state, it was finally safe for a visit. We quarantined as much as possible for the two weeks before her visit, only allowing the kids to go to school and therapy appointments (which is pretty much all we ever do anyway). My mom made the drive to us with only a single rest stop to avoid any chance of exposure along the way. And when she arrived, I got one of the best hugs of my life.

We spent the week taking walks together with the kids, mostly Dinah as the older three finally returned to full-time in-person school on Tuesday. We strolled through several parks around Boise as well as the greenbelt. I got her on a bike for the first time in twenty years and we took an easy ride around the neighborhood.

Dinah and Grandma at the MK Nature Center
Helping Grandma in the garden. It’s not truly a visit with my mom if we don’t plant something.

The best part for my mom, I’m sure, was getting to see firsthand how much the kids have grown over the past year. The last time she saw them was Alden’s 5th birthday and Dinah wasn’t even two yet. They played countless games of Mancala with her, charmed her into reading way more bedtime stories than usual, and showed off all their favorite things, new skills and how much they’ve all grown.

Dinah looking very smug about claiming the coveted spot on Grandma’s lap. There was NO shyness or hesitation in her relationship with this person she hadn’t seen in over a third of her life.
Bedtime stories with Grandma for Alden and Dinah.

It was so good for both of us to spend time together again. My parents have been highly isolated at home for the past year, only going to a store a couple times a month and otherwise staying home. I’m so thankful they’ve been able to stay safe and healthy. I’ve been through a roller coaster of a year, with getting sick last March and continuing to deal with the long-hauler fallout ever since, as well as navigating the kids’ virtual and hybrid school transitions. This week with Grandma and the return to fully in-person school finally gave us all the taste of normalcy and hope for the future that we have been needing.

Here’s hoping the next visit comes much sooner.

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