Alden At Six Years Old

My Little Buddy Alden. My sidekick. My constant partner.

Dressed as a 100 year old man for your 100th day of kindergarten.

You have grown so very much this past year, in so many ways. To start with the obvious, you’re getting physically so big! We checked your height a couple weeks ago and you were already taller than Zoey was at 6.5 years old. And that was before the growth spurt you just hit. Your feet are only one shoe size smaller than Eleanor’s and you’re just about equal to her on weight now. I’m suspicious that by this time next year you will have surpassed her on both.

You’re a natural on the rollerblades you got for Christmas.

You’ve also grown so much academically. You’re doing phenomenal with beginning reading and are on the cusp of taking off as an independent reader. There will be no stopping you then! The kindergarten math assignments seem to be much too easy for you. I love your enthusiasm for learning and joyful attitude on days you get to go to in-person school. While the last twelve months have been nowhere near what we had hoped for you school-wise, your academics don’t seem to be suffering for it.

How you prefer to do virtual school.

Some of the biggest changes in you, Alden, are shown in your behaviors. You’re starting to gain some elements of impulse control, a bit of self-awareness of your body and the way it affects the people and things around you. My sweet boy, you have always had the kindest heart and now I’m seeing it displayed in protectiveness to your little sister. Just yesterday you stopped her from doing something that could have ended with her getting hurt, even though it was as subtle danger that required you to first think through the action she would take and the possible consequences of that action. This is such a huge step for you and I am so proud.

You’re getting very creative with art lately and I love seeing the things you make.

Proud. Yes, I am immensely proud of you, Alden. I hope you always know that. I hope you see it beaming from my face, hear it in my words, learn to recognize that feeling of self-pride in you as a result. I watch you climb atop a huge horse every week, not betraying an ounce of fear or hesitation. I witness you conquering the assignments your teacher gives you as if it took no effort at all. I revel in hearing the kind words from you toward everyone around you, every single day. You are such a deeply GOOD person, Alden. It makes me a better person to be around you. I am truly privileged to be your mom.

This past year has been full of so many challenges for every living person. So many struggles and difficult decisions. You have met it all without complaint, with a positive attitude and a “roll with it” style. I am in awe of you, Alden. Never lose that. Always be one hundred percent authentically you, because who you are is absolutely amazing.

I love you Buddy.

Love, Mom

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