Dinah At 2.5 Years Old

Little girl, you are changing so fast! Still so tiny, but you want to be big. You are the two-est two year old we have ever had in this family. You want what you want and you want it NOW. Heaven help the eardrums of anyone that defies you. Or touches something you are “using” (or just sitting near. Whatever).

Making a funny face. You also do silly voices and it’s the BEST.

You had a checkup this week and you’ve managed to gain another pound, putting you at a whopping 23 pounds and in the second percentile for weight. At 35 inches tall, you’re only in the 37th percentile for height. More evidence that you got a heavier dose of my genes than your daddy’s.

Discovering the Lite Brite

One of the biggest delights in our household for the past month or two has been your quirky, adorable sayings. When playing with your siblings, you’ll make believe you’re falling off the couch, or being attacked by a lava monster, or some other silliness. When someone “rescues” you by picking you up or catching you, you exclaim, “You save my whole life!” With so much emphasis on “whole life!”

I bought you this adorable, super soft coat for your birthday (or was it Christmas?) and it finally fits. You love it and, for unknown reasons, immediately started referring to it as your “Baby Deer.” Or maybe it’s Baby Dear? I don’t know, but I hope you never stop calling it that.

Whenever you are using something that pleases you – a toy, a food, clothing, you name it – you have taken to telling me, “Mine Grandfather give it to me.” So formal and proper and completely out of nowhere. Your grandfathers go by “Papa” and “Grandpa” to you, so it’s really quite hilarious. I will literally buy you something – with you watching and knowing I’m doing it – give it to you, and then be told that your Grandfather gets the credit for it.

We took a recent trip to the park and this bouncy horse was your favorite thing there. You are slowly warming up to going down slides, as long as they’re not too big. You handle wearing a mask amazingly well for a 2 year old.

You have taken to telling us all “I love you” which is one thousand percent heart-melting and adorable, said in your tiny, sweet voice. At random times during the day – whether he’s home or not – you’ll yell at the top of your voice, “I LOVE YOU ALDEN!!!” It cracks us up and makes him feel so good.

Harvesting a zucchini that is almost as big as you are. You love to be my helper in the yard. Anything as long as it gets you outside!

A puzzle master just like the rest of the family, you are now easily doing your 24 piece Minnie Mouse puzzles completely by yourself. You beg everyone around you to help you do larger puzzles. “Please you do Anna Elsa puzzle wif me?” Outside play and bath-time remain irresistible joys for you as well. Your favorite TV show is Daniel Tiger (or “Neighborhood” as you call it), although you are not picky and will happily watch anything your siblings are into. When getting dressed, “fancy” is always your preferred option for clothing. Pink frilly dress? Yes, please. The froofier, the better.

Thanks for keeping us laughing, smiling and feeling loved, Dinah. You’re an absolute treat and we love you to bits.

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