Father’s Day and Fourth of July

Father’s Day was a relaxed affair. The kids made Zach a coupon book full of things like, “family movie night,” “wash your car for you,” and “game night.” He immediately pulled out and cashed in the “trip to a park” and we took the kids to a small but delightful neighborhood park to play. It was perfect weather – sunny but not too hot, with a bit of a breeze. We all enjoyed immensely getting out of the house together. We were the only people at the park that day, so we didn’t have to wear masks or worry about social distancing, making it that much better.

Dinah’s “ready position” to catch a frisbee
Aaaaand he dunks it!

Traditionally, Boise holds a big fireworks show in the one of the parks, free for anyone who wants to attend. This year they had planned to move it to the fairgrounds, thinking people could stay in their cars to watch and keep social distance. Unfortunately, the spread of coronavirus here has increased exponentially lately (driven in large part by people refusing to wear masks, insisting on reopening things to soon, and deciding they are “tired” of dealing with the virus to apparently they’re just going to act like it doesn’t exist) so our county moved back a stage in the reopening plan. This meant there could be no gatherings of more than fifty people, and the fireworks show was cancelled.

Eleanor found a painted rock at the fireworks stand, which made her day

Honestly, it turned out to be a really wonderful day of fun for the kids because of that. We usually buy them a couple boxes of Pop-its and some sparklers, and that’s it for setting off fireworks for us. When we lived in Seattle, we joined my parents a couple of years and lit off a few small fireworks, but the kids were so little that they don’t really remember that. So this was the first year they really got to light fireworks of their own and they had such a blast. They are the perfect age to really enjoy it.

Boise bans the sale of anything that shoots up into the air (not that the law stopped many people around us from finding those fireworks elsewhere) so I didn’t have to worry that we were getting anything too dangerous. I bought a box with an assortment of fountains, including a big finale fountain, some sparklers, those ones that act like strobe lights, and some of those little tanks. Zach’s parents and older sister with her family all joined us for a feast and fireworks.

We discovered that Dinah really loves corn on the cob. Alden impressed us all with how well he did with sparklers and lighting fireworks (his spatial awareness is…not the best…so I had been a bit apprehensive about that), and Eleanor surprised us by being the child most bothered by the loudness of the fireworks. I put Dinah to bed as usual (it doesn’t even get dark here until 10pm, which is just too late for her) and she somehow magically slept through all the thunderous booms surrounding us. Our neighbors also had a heap of fountains and sparklers to do, so our cul de sac was quite the fun and festive place that night. Honestly, I enjoyed it far more than I do going to watch the big fireworks show, and the kids really loved it too. No virus is gonna keep us down!

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