This was supposed to be a big anniversary for us. Ten years. A decade of marriage. Back in January and February, we were dreaming and planning for an anniversary vacation. It would have been our first ever vacation as a married couple with just the two of us. I was six months pregnant with Zoey on our honeymoon. There was a two-night trip to a friend’s cabin when I was eight months pregnant with Alden. That is the extent of our couple travels since our wedding, and they don’t really count as “childfree” if you ask me, since I had a human growing inside me, making me nauseous and kicking me in the bladder and ribs throughout. We wanted to go somewhere tropical, like the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Hawaii. We dreamed of lying on lounge chairs on a beautiful beach, eating decadent food and sipping fruity adult beverages. All those plans came to a screeching halt in March with the eruption of coronavirus all around the world.

Ten years of marriage and still smiling

As things shut down further, it became clear that even a dinner out at a restaurant would not be an option to celebrate our anniversary. Being the couple that we are, though, we rolled with it. We’ve been through so many major and unexpected events together (surprise! Pregnant with Zoey! Shotgun wedding! Child with a limb difference! Oh, hyperemesis pregnancy! Gestational diabetes! Hey, how about a couple kids with autism? Ooh, let’s throw an out-of-state move in there!) that this really didn’t faze us.

Our table for two with a wonderful view
My delicious risotto
Fig, carmelized onion and ham…mmmm.

I have to give Zach the credit for a truly romantic, COVID-esque anniversary. His business is on a very high floor of a local office building, with an amazing view of Boise and the foothills. We sent the kids to his sister’s house for a sleepover (we picked up Dinah before bedtime and brought her home since she still doesn’t sleep through the night) and ordered food to-go from one of the nicer restaurants in town. Zach set up the conference room (which is a corner room with two walls full of windows) with a romantic table for two: nice dishes, candles, champagne. It was so nice to spend the time together – alone! – eating good food and just enjoying each other’s company. We’ll take our amazing trip someday. For now, this was enough for us.

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