Earth Day Birth Day, Quarantine Style

With Dinah’s birthday falling on Earth Day, and this year being the fiftieth anniversary of the inception of Earth Day, I couldn’t resist making that a theme for her birthday this year. Of course, I use the word “theme” lightly here because, well, there’s a pandemic which means there really wasn’t much of an actual party. Still, I put forth some effort.

Dinah is also really into Sesame Street right now (Elmo is arguably her best friend) so I knew I needed to incorporate that into her birthday as well.

Behold! My masterpiece:

The Sesame Street figurines on the cake actually once decorated my second birthday cake. Once upon a time, Big Bird was holding a slice of cake on his outstretched hand. The letters on the top say, “Happy Birthday” and the alphabet encircles the sides of the cake. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for this one, actually, given my complete lack of artistic ability in just about any medium.

Zach gave Dinah a plush Elmo stuffed animal which she completely adores. To go along with it, Eleanor created a felt board version of “Elmo’s World” (it has some clouds, “Smartie” the smartphone and the goldfish Dorothy in her bowl on a table). It was all her own idea and execution, and Dinah loved it. Zoey spent several days sewing a small stuffed owl for her baby sister.

With social distancing in place, we knew we couldn’t have the kids’ cousins over to celebrate. Some of them came over in the early morning and decorated the driveway with some surprise pictures to help Dinah celebrate. She was so happy about it, and kept saying, “Mine rainbow!”

I think, despite the pandemic, it was as good as birthday as Dinah could have asked for. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself. And she can now perfectly pronounce the word, “Presents!!”

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