Easter in Quarantine

We may be isolated at home and living our lives very differently this spring, but it turns out you can still count on the Easter Bunny.

We dyed Easter eggs on Friday evening. Dinah loved it, using a wire whisk to dip her eggs so there was less risk of dropping them. She was so thrilled to be included in the fun project. I was truly impressed at how good of a job Alden did dyeing eggs this year. Last year, his impulse control was non-existent and the whole process was an exercise in frustration and blood pressure control for me. This year, he did all his eggs completely on his own. Yes, he dropped one, but it suffered only a minor crack (unlike the one Ellie dropped). His eggs came out quite beautifully, too.

Easter egg that Alden dyed 100% by himself

Eleanor (our half-bunny, half-human child) has been counting down the days for awhile now. Yesterday she was so excited I thought she might actually burst. All day long she kept up a never-ending verbal stream of consciousness all about how soon the Easter Bunny would be coming, what he would bring, how he might get into the house, what treats we should leave out for him, how much she loves Easter…you get the idea. She insisted that everyone in the house go to bed early so that Easter would come sooner. She got no arguments from me!

Zach has been sleeping on the guest bed mattress, laid out on the living room floor, for the past few weeks to avoid being exposed to my coughing and fevers all night long (yes, I’m still sick. 27 days now). Normally, we set the bed up in the office when guests are coming to stay. At the moment, however, Zach is working from home and needs the office to be an actual office, so each night he plops the mattress on the living room floor. Eleanor insisted that this would not work for last night because, if Daddy were to be sleeping in the living room, the Easter Bunny wouldn’t be able to come and hide eggs and baskets. Well, you can’t argue with the logic there. So Zach hauled the mattress upstairs and slept on the landing outside the bedrooms. Apparently, Eleanor woke up around 4am and promptly woke Zoey up as well to ask if it was Easter morning and time to wake up yet. Again at 5 something. Poor Zach was also awoken during these chatterfests. I tell you, our kids don’t even do this on Christmas. That’s how excited for Easter Eleanor was this year.

Eventually, the girls were allowed up around 7am and immediately went to wake Alden and Dinah and then me. Then we all trooped downstairs to find baskets and eggs. Dinah was delighted with this concept of candy for breakfast, and thoroughly enjoyed her jelly beans. The kids all received candy-filled eggs, paint with water books, a craft activity and playdoh. The big three had chocolate bunnies, and Dinah received a light-up bouncy ball in packaging shaped like bunny ears and a bunny shaped bottle of bubbles.

We all put on our fancy clothes after breakfast and I ushered the kids out into the cold but sunny yard to get some pictures before they could mess up their clothes. I still hadn’t taken any five year old pictures of Alden, and needed to get some two year old pictures for Dinah (waaaaaah!!!), so I figured this was a great opportunity. Hallelujah for my new iPhone with a fantastic camera on it, that allowed me to quickly and easily snap a few photos. Otherwise, I honestly don’t think they’d get pictures this year.

During lunch, somebunny ding-dong-ditched us and left a surprise bag of goodies for the kids on the doorstep: a giant pencil that holds sidewalk chalk to draw with, bubbles, and a spirograph. They are happily playing with them all outside this afternoon. Later we have a ham dinner planned. Eleanor has continued to muse out loud about the Easter Bunny, at one point asking, “Is the Easter Bunny real?” I pointed out that it certainly appeared so, since he had delivered baskets to our house last night. She said it could have been just a person in a bunny costume or parents. I pointed out that her parents haven’t left the house to go to a store for weeks so that didn’t seem very likely. I think her faith is pretty solid now.

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