Wizards and Witches and Tigers, Oh My!

This summer we read the first Harry Potter book out loud to Zoey and Ellie. Zach bought the illustrated edition so they could really get into it. They loved it. Zoey, of course, identified completely with Hermione’s character. I mean, she practically is Hermione so it makes sense. After finishing the book they got to watch the movie and I think it’s safe to say we have created two more life-long Harry Potter fans. So it was no surprise when they demanded Gryffindor robes for Halloween. Zoey – predictably – went as Hermione, and Eleanor was excited to be Harry. Thank you Costco for providing us with affordable costumes! (Although both girls broke their wands before we even reached Halloween).

Zoey’s favorite Hermione quote
That’s the Golden Snitch painted on Zoey’s face

The weekend before Halloween, the Boise train depot hosted a “Wizard Encounter” with a bunch of characters from the series. We took our kids, along with two of their cousins, and they were all in for it. They got to see Voldemort (who they refused to take a picture with), met Albus Dumbledore himself, and saw Mrs. Weasley, Hagrid, and a host of other characters (half of whom they don’t even know yet because they’ve only made it through The Chamber of Secrets). For his part, Alden was thrilled by the presence of trains.

Albus Dumbledore!
Ellie chose to have Hedwig painted on her face
Alden, predictably, requested a green train
Dobby Dinah
Bellatrix and Voldemort

We finished the pre-Halloween weekend festivities with pumpkin carving. Alden wanted a “big scary face,” Ellie wanted an owl like Hedwig, and Zoey carved her bunny with a crown all herself this year, including helping to scoop out the insides! That’s a big win for my sensory girl.

Alden was very excited to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year. He would wear the costume around the house, running around yelling, “To infinity, and beyond!” over and over again. Dinah alternated between the elephant costume all four of the kids have now worn and a plush tiger costume. Both utterly adorable, of course.

We joined the family of Ellie’s best friend for trick-or-treating (which was COLD this year!) and the kids came home with an insane candy haul. It was a pretty fun and successful holiday this year.

Happy Halloween!

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