Girl Scout Camp 2019

The beginning of summer vacation this year saw Zoey and Ellie heading off to camp with their Girl Scout troop. Right after swim lessons, I handed off Alden to Zach’s sister and chucked all three girls into the van. We then drove off toward McCall, Idaho, which is about two hours from Boise. It took us about three hours to get to the camp, which I consider pretty decent considering I had a baby with us and had never been there before.

Ellie was a bit nervous, but she ended up having an absolute blast.

The camp section their troop was assigned to was “Sherwood Forest,” where all the cabins had Robin Hood themed names…except for theirs which was randomly named King Arthur. There’s a head-scratcher for you.

The girls spent two days and nights hiking, crafting, singing, paddling around a lake in “funyaks” (kid version kayaks), spotting deer in the woods, learning to start a campfire, roasting marshmallows (Zoey actually ate a s’more!), and basically having the time of their lives. They participated in the age old tradition of young campers scaring themselves witless with spooky stories on Saturday night along with their camp mates. They ate camp food (and were very thankful for the snacks I sent along with them).

Learning to paddle a canoe
Untangling a friendship knot
Proof! You’re looking at a girl who does NOT like touching gooey, melted marshmallow and chocolate, but SHE ATE IT!
It’s not camp without arts and crafts

They’re already talking about how they can’t wait to sell a boatload of cookies again next year so that they can go to an even longer camp. Preferably one that involves horseback riding.

When it came time to pick them up on Sunday, we made a family day of it. We had lunch in McCall at the Pancake House where I ordered a cinnamon roll that turned out to be more than twelve inches across. That is not an exaggeration.

Sunglasses for scale. This thing was ENORMOUS.

On the way home, we attempted to stop and take a hike but were thwarted by a lack of actual hiking trails.

It was an exhausting weekend for everyone (while the girls were gone we rearranged their bedrooms to give Zoey her own room and put Alden in the bunk beds with Eleanor), but full of happy memories for all and some quality family time.

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