Last Day of School 2019


Today is the last day of school for kids in Boise. It’s crazy that they get out before Memorial Day this year. Also really nice because the weather isn’t abysmally hot yet and a person can actually play outside without feeling like they’re walking on the surface of the sun.

It was “Dress Like A Movie Character” day at school for the girls. Ellie wore a tiara and white dress to go as The Childlike Empress from Neverending Story (which she has never actually seen but whatever). Zoey’s backpack was carrying a magician’s hat and cape. She even got permission from her teacher to perform a magic trick for her class. She had to come up with a movie character to identify as, so she went with the evil magician in Frosty the Snowman.

Eleanor has had a growth spurt recently, so we had a special surprise waiting for her when she came downstairs this morning:

She was so excited! Her old Cinderella-themed 16 inch bike we got at Goodwill was getting a bit too short. This is her first brand new bike, and it’s even teal and purple (her two favorite colors).

As of yesterday, we officially have a new Big Kid in the house who can ride a two-wheeler without training wheels:

Alden is so proud and excited, and so am I. I mean, he just turned four. Teaching him to do it was one of the more positive interactions I’ve had with him lately, so that was especially nice. While I was at it, I also taught my neighbors’ six year old granddaughter how to ride one. Her mom called me the Bike Whisperer. I kinda like that!

Now if I can just get Alden potty trained!

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