Dinah On Her First Birthday

The most amazing year has flown by in an instant. Dinah Whitney, my Little Boop, you have brought more laughter, joy, and sunshine into our lives and our home than I ever dreamed possible. We are all madly in love with you. I adore the way you light up when you hear music, rocking and bopping and trying to dance. Sometimes even trying to sing along or sign “music.” Clapping while your face breaks into the sweetest smile.

You are doing so many new things in just the past few days. You are cruising faster and for slightly longer distances, although still always with two hands. You have no interest yet in trying to take steps, even while holding my hands, but you are beginning to stand up in the middle of the room without holding anything for just a few seconds.

You say, “Hi!” and “Yay!” crystal clear. We thought you were saying “Dada” but we’re now having doubts as you’ve used that sound when looking at a variety of people and objects, regardless of whether your Daddy is even home. A few days ago you started saying, “Mamamama” so I finally have hope of someday hearing you call me “Mama.”

On Tuesday I submitted a referral for you to early intervention services because of still having never swallowed a bite of any food. Then on Wednesday you surprised us all by actually drinking nearly two ounces of breastmilk from a straw cup. This is by far my favorite of your new skills!

Dinah, you have a playful and adventurous spirit that you aren’t afraid to let show. You got to crawl around in the yard a bit this weekend while Grandma visited, and you were loving the freedom to explore new places. I don’t think you’ll be happy to be contained to just the living room much longer.

My little social butterfly, you enjoy people so much and it melts my heart to see them all fall in love with you as you blow kisses and snuggle on shoulders. You are a charmer, no doubt.

One year ago I did the most physically intense thing I’ve ever done when I gave birth to you in a three hour labor. As I held you in my arms and looked at your perfect, beautiful face, all I could think was, “I know you.” My soul recognized yours. I felt as if I’ve known you forever, not as two people who had never seen each other’s faces before. In some ways, it was a bit like looking in a mirror; the familiarity and recognition were undeniable. That feeling has never wavered this past year. I know you, dear daughter. So intimately and with unconditional love.

Dinah, thank you for joining our family. Thank you for completing something I waited my whole life to this point for. Thank you for filling that part of my heart that was waiting for you. Thank you for bringing joy to a day that had held sadness for two decades. Thank you for all the snuggles and kisses and laughs and smiles and clapping and love.

Happy Birthday, sweet Dinah. I love you.

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