Road Trip to Disneyland

I had hoped to write about our Great Spring Break Adventure of 2019 last week, but unfortunately we all brought home souvenir viruses that really knocked me out of commission. I’m still coughing and not one hundred percent, but at least able to resume daily life.

We started our spring break a day early, having the kids miss school on Friday so we could leave that day. We drove to Nevada that first day. Let me tell you, there’s really not a lot to see on a drive through Nevada. In fact, there’s not a lot of anything.

Our first stop along the road was in Jordan Valley, Oregon for gas and a chance to nurse Dinah and change her diaper.

We then stopped in Winnemucca for lunch and found a cute park to play at. They had this neat baby swing that was attached to a swing that an adult or older sibling could sit or stand on, facing the baby, so they could both swing together. It was Dinah’s first time in a swing, and she was a bit unsure about it, but seemed like she wanted to like it.

It was also Dinah’s first experience crawling in grass. She was not a fan.

Winnemucca was the last of anything interesting for quite some time. We spent the night at the Comfort Inn in Fernley, Nevada, where the kids got a chance for a quick swim in the hotel pool before we went to bed for the night. The next day was spent mostly driving through California. The kids were super excited when we started seeing palm trees, especially Ellie.

Ellie dared them all to “run and touch a palm tree!” They all did and Alden immediately got a large splinter in his finger. I think he’s scarred for life.

That night we stayed at our hotel in Anaheim. We chose a Disneyland “good neighbor” hotel and stayed at the Best Western Raffles Inn. It was just under a mile walk from there to the Disney parks each day. In future visits, I think we’ll stay closer to the parks. It’s quite a bit more expensive, but worth it I think. Those two extra miles of walking each day really add up when you’re already spending all day on your feet at Disneyland. The hotel had a nice setup for bringing kids though. We got a “kid’s suite.” When you entered the hotel room there was a queen size bed for Zach and I, along with the desk, dresser, TV, and mini-fridge (and crib we requested for Dinah). Then you could go through a little french door to where the bathroom was (toilet and bathtub/shower were in the bathroom, sink was outside the bathroom. Connected to that was a space with a set of twin-sized bunk beds and a couch that folded out into a queen size bed. There was also a closet, dresser, and storage drawers under the bunk beds. It was great to have enough beds for everyone so that we could all get the best sleep possible for our long days at Disney.

For those that are interested, we booked the Disneyland portion of our trip through Costco. I checked out all the options and it was the best deal. Basically, you pay the same amount for a hotel and park tickets that you would if you just bought them on your own, but you get a $145 Disney gift card that you can spend on food or souvenirs in the park. We also received a voucher to trade in for lanyards and pins for everyone (they even gave us one for Dinah). When we arrived at our hotel, there was a gift basket with cookies, fruit and bottled water waiting for us as well, which was a fun surprise.

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