Dinah At 11 Months Old

Whew! What a whirlwind month! We are still on vacation, and I’m typing up this post on my phone in a hotel room, so it’s going to be a brief one.

The biggest item of note this past month is that we learned you are the absolute best baby to travel with. You go with the flow, will sleep through insane levels of noise and activity, and as long as we feed you and change your diaper regularly, you are a happy camper. You’ll even sleep in the hotel-provided cribs. In fact, the night after our final day at Disneyland, you slept for the longest stretch since you were four months old (six hours, of which I was asleep for more than five! Hallelujah!!).

“Hi!” is officially your first word. You’re a social little butterfly and charmed the heck out of everyone you met in Disneyland. You are close to saying “Dada” – the sounds are there, just not put together or directed at him. I still have yet to hear you ever make an “M” sound, so at this point I’m expecting, “Zoey,” “Ellie,” “Alden,” and “How are you today, sir? Do you have any grey poupon?” before I ever hear, “Mama.”

You are still working on getting that fourth tooth. I’ve been saying it’s going to pop through “any day now! Maybe today!” for almost a month.

You have started cruising, but only for very short distances. You don’t like to stand much unless you’re trying to reach something. You seem to prefer the speed and stability of crawling.

You are quite silly and playful. You’ll actually play make believe, pretending to get little pieces of imaginary food and feed them to me (never to yourself, though. You still don’t eat, real food or imaginary). You’ll put toys on your head as hats. If music comes on you immediately start bopping and clapping and dancing. You just might be the girl who dances before she can walk.

Still no pointing, although you continue to sign, “milk” and, occasionally, “more.”

You have discovered the joy of screeching, loudly. Particularly in crowded restaurants.

There were lots of new experiences this month, including your first encounter with grass (you were not a fan) and your first time in a swing at a park (you seemed on the fence, like you wanted to enjoy it but were a bit apprehensive about it).

I have to admit that I want to cry a little bit when I think about your first birthday happening in a few short weeks. These past eleven months with you have been an absolute delight. I am enjoying every moment. Dinah, I’m so happy you are you.

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