On the Road Again

Our three days at Disneyland and California Adventure are over. The kids had the most amazing experience of their lives, and Zach and I are about to drop from exhaustion. It was practically perfect in every way.

I will definitely be blogging about it all, hopefully this coming week, but right now we’re still on the road home. In Fresno, to be precise. We had hoped to spend half a day at Sequoia and King’s Canyon on the way home, but the weather wasn’t cooperating for that. Additionally, Alden has come down with a fever of 102 and Zoey and Dinah have low grade fevers as well. So we’re just taking it easy and will be home in a couple days.

If you want a sneak peak at our best photos from our trip, and some brief stories about our adventure, go check out @Momsasaurus on Instagram. Otherwise, stay tuned here for new blog posts coming soon.

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