Dinah At Ten Months

It’s been a heck of a month. One that did not include much sleep, if I’m being honest. That pesky nine month sleep regression combined with a host of other factors has me struggling to rub two brain cells together to produce a coherent sentence. Sorry, Dinah girl, but this post may be brief and disjointed. You only have yourself to blame.

At your nine month checkup your weight was in the fifth percentile at just under fifteen pounds (no surprises there). Your height was around fiftieth percentile, and your head…oh dear…it’s in the ninety-first percentile. This really does explain why it took so long for you to sit up properly. You’re a human golf tee.

Nine month checkup. A+ for tongue-depressor chewing skills.

You had two trips to urgent care this month. Your first ear infection (a raging double ear infection, to be precise). Your first antibiotics (you are not a fan). Milestones we would have been happy to skip, but you weathered it all like a champ.

Poor baby with the hurting ears.

Let’s see, this month’s accomplishments…well, there have been quite a few actually. Yesterday was a banner day, in fact. Despite having a fever and clearly not feeling well, you decided you’re finally ready to eat! The past week or so you’ve really been going further with exploring food: bringing it to your mouth, attempting little nibbles to test out this whole “chewing” and “biting” thing, but most of it still would end up spit back out. Then yesterday I bought a box of Cheerios and presented you with a tiny handful. You loved them. You went right to work on developing that pincer grasp (another new skill, as of yesterday), popping the Cheerios in your mouth and honest-to-goodness chewing and swallowing them. I was ecstatic to say the least. I signed “more” a couple of times, presenting you with a few more Cheerios each time. After the third demonstration, you signed it back, clear as day. (Ding! New skill number three for yesterday!) Big smiles all around.

Speaking of sign language, you have also learned to sign, “Milk.” The language center of your brain must be in overdrive because….

You may have also achieved your first word yesterday. Every time I walked away from you and then came back within your view, you’d look at me with a big smile and chirp out a friendly, “Aye!” I’m pretty sure you’re trying to say, “Hi!” I thought I was ready to call it as your first word, but I’m waiting a bit longer just to be certain. I’ve given up any hope of “Mama” being your first word since you’ve never made so much as a single “mm” sound. “Hi” really is in keeping with your highly social personality, and it’s pretty darn cute. I just want to be sure that you really are saying a word, not just making a favorite sound (because you do make that sound a lot at other times, as well).

Bath tubs are the BEST! Even when they’re empty.

You cut your third tooth on Alden’s birthday, a top incisor, and the fourth one is close behind. (This falls under: reasons Mommy and Daddy are utterly exhausted). You really don’t do too bad with teething, though. A night or two of waking frequently and needing a lot of assistance to get back to sleep while it’s actively breaking through, but you’re not really fussy during the day. Just your usual smiley, happy self.

You love to play with balls and flip through board books. You crawl entirely on your hands and knees now – no more army crawl on the belly – and it is squeal-worthy adorable. I can’t get enough of it. I hope you don’t learn to walk too soon because I just love watching you crawl around like that. You certainly have the urge to explore, though. You are constantly pulling up on anything and everything you can, and any day now you’re going to start actively cruising. You started doing this funny thing where you look like you’re trying to do a head stand. Any day now you’re going to just suddenly stand up, all on your own.

You charm everyone you meet with your sweet face and endearing smile. Alden constantly tells me, “I love baby Dinah!” and “You’re nice, Dinah!” Zoey cannot see you without forgetting whatever else she was going to do and instantly giving you all her attention. Eleanor frequently asks to hold and play with you, and loves to let you crawl over her on the floor. Daddy just melts when he comes home from work and you reach for him, even if you’re already in my arms, clearly indicating you’ve missed him. I can’t pick you up without automatically kissing those sweet, soft cheeks. It’s an impulse that cannot and will not be denied.

You have started taking some gloriously long morning naps the past week or so. They’re averaging around two hours long, although a couple have been as long as three hours. It’s amazing. I can get so much done! It isn’t every day, but I’m hoping this becomes a trend. You always wake up so happy and smiley. Your afternoon naps almost always are short – forty-five minutes at most – and usually take place in my arms while nursing for the duration of the nap. I don’t mind. It’s nice to slow down, to just sit and feel the tiny weight of you, your warmth. To smell your sweet head, gaze at your impossibly long eyelashes and just revel in your babyness.

Dinah, please, please, PLEASE stay this sweet little baby as long as you can. You are absolutely delightful and I cannot get enough of you.

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