Dinah At Nine Months

Nine months in, nine months out. Yesterday marked thirty-nine weeks and one day since you were born, which is exactly how long I was pregnant with you. It’s amazing how different our lives are now that you are part of our family. There is so much more love and exhaustion and laughter and snuggles and worry and sweet baby smiles than there was before you arrived. Forty weeks ago I was still in denial that you would really be coming. That a real person was growing inside of me and would soon be meeting us face-to-face. Now you’re here and sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. Like a beautiful dream.

This past month has seen quite a few dramatic changes in you, mostly physically. You got your first two teeth, just in time for New Year’s. You mastered sitting, including independently going from lying down to sitting up and back again. Mere days after that you started pulling up to stand. Now you look like you’re contemplating letting go and free-standing and cruising. Time will tell, but you may just be our earliest walker. I keep looking at you and wondering where my squishy, floppy, tiny newborn went.

You’re growing like a weed. Before you even hit eight months old, I was putting away some of the six month sized clothes and pulling out nine month sizes. On Friday you woke up tall enough to reach things on top of the coffee table and on the shelves under our living room table. It makes me cringe just thinking about how I’m going to figure out how to baby proof well enough to keep you safe.

Santa brought you an Exersaucer for Christmas. You absolutely love it.

You babble a fair amount. Mostly “babababababa.” I keep doing baby sign language with you and attempting to teach you to wave, but you’re still enamored with your ability to clap your hands and seem intent on sticking with just that for now.

You love music. When I play a song, or sing, or wind up a music box, or anything remotely musical strikes your ears, your face lights up and you start smiling and clapping.

For Christmas, I gave you a chime ball exactly like the one that was my favorite toy as a baby.

I’m glad for the confirmation that your hearing is still good, because you’ve had some trouble with your ears this past month. You keep grabbing at them, tugging, smacking your ears and head and face. Especially when you’re nursing or lying down. You cry for diaper changes, and the reason seems to be your ears or head. I’ve looked in your ears many times and can’t seem to see any sign of infection. Perhaps some fluid behind the eardrums that’s causing you pain. Ibuprofen seems to help some. You have your nine month checkup this week, so we can have your doctor confirm.

There were some other special milestones this past month, as you celebrated your first Christmas and New Year’s.

You weren’t particularly thrilled that we stuck you in a Santa bib for your first Christmas.

We also took your first road trip when we went to Washington to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The ride there was pretty rough – it took us thirteen hours. Coming home, though, you did great. Unfortunately, you also came down with your first nasty cold. I think the congestion from that is where all the trouble with your ears started.

First restaurant high chair experience. Possibly (likely) also the source of your illness.

You adored Grandma’s big German Shepherd, Skeeter. You kept trying to throw food off your high chair for him and reach out to pet him with sticky fingers. I think he was equally pleased with you.

New Year’s Day also saw you celebrating your first Husky Rose Bowl! A very important milestone (just ask Grandpa).

You had your first bath sitting up in a bathtub this month. And your first ride in the seat of a shopping cart (I had to prop you up with a Costco box of applesauce to keep you upright, but it still counts). You attended your first Royal Ball. So many little “firsts” are happening every day with you, Dinah. It fills my heart with joy and just a tiny bit of sadness that it’s all going so fast.

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