Caldwell Ice Skating and Lights

A couple weekends ago we made the trek out to Caldwell for ice skating and Christmas lights. It was definitely worth the trip! They have a beautiful new rink, with a ribbon (basically a big loop) to skate around and a round rink within the loop where littler kids who need the walkers can practice skating.

Zoey and Eleanor did quite well and really enjoyed themselves. Alden pretty much required us to drag, push and pull him around while supporting all his weight for him, but he also loved it. For my part, I rocked those skates like I was a teenager again, while wearing Dinah in the Ergo carrier to boot. Didn’t even fall once! Skating, whether on ice or pavement, has always been the one area I could display a modicum of coordination.

After the ice skating, we found a delicious local Mexican restaurant for dinner, then took a walk around downtown Caldwell to see the Christmas lights display. They did a fantastic job! There was a gingerbread house the kids could go inside, icebergs full of penguins and boats on the river, a large train, a teddy bear carousel and numerous other displays, all light up in colorful, festive lights. The highlight, though, was the fire breathing dragon in the river. Every fifteen minutes he would shoot a ball of fire out of his snout.

You can see video of the fire-breathing dragon on the @momsasaurus instagram account. I’m having trouble posting it here with wordpress’ new editor.

If you have been thinking about taking the trip to Caldwell this Christmas, I would definitely encourage you to go. There was enough there to entertain us for more than four hours, and it was a lovely family day.

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