Baby’s First Santa

D.L. Evans Bank in downtown Boise is hosting “City Santa” this year. It’s completely free to see Santa and get pictures with him (yes, even the pictures are free) and they are collecting donations for the Women and Children’s Alliance, which is awesome. Most of the scheduled times with Santa are on the weekends, but they had two additional hours last night to coincide with First Thursday (for those whose city does not participate, First Thursday is when you walk around your city for a couple hours in the evening and view work by local artists on display in businesses around town. We loved doing it as a date night once a month in Seattle and I’m happy to see that Boise participates as well). I figured Santa on a Thursday evening would beat waiting in long lines on the weekend, so we rushed the kids through dinner and hurried downtown to see him.

In preparation for having their picture taken, I gave the kids showers after school and had them change into presentable outfits. When Zoey saw what I picked out for her, she immediately asked, “Can I wear a tie to meet Santa? I’m wearing a tie collar.” I was one-hundred percent on board with this because just look at her!


When we arrived at D.L. Evans, we saw the place was packed with people and mentally geared ourselves to wait for awhile. A friendly woman greeted us the moment we walked in, took down the kids’ names and told us they would let us know when it was our turn for Santa. In the meantime, we were welcome to eat the provided food (wow!), listen to the live band, and peruse the artwork on display by Boise High School students (there are some phenomenally talented artists in that school, by the way). Also: no waiting in a line with four children? Hallelujah! Within less than a minute, it was our turn. I gotta tell ya, I fell in love with this whole City Santa thing right then and there!


Dinah once again proved herself to be the Best Baby Ever (TM) as we woke her up from a much-needed, much-too-short nap in the car seat and placed her on a strange person’s lap. She didn’t so much as quiver a lip. Just looked around, trying to figure out what exactly was happening.


The kids were free to spend as long as they needed telling Santa all about how good they’ve been and what they want for Christmas. And can we just take a minute to appreciate what a really awesome Santa he is?


Eleanor insisted on giving Santa some carrots she brought along “for the reindeer,” which he graciously accepted.


I’d say it was hands-down the most positive Santa visit we could have possibly had. We will definitely be going back to them next year!

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