Baby’s First Snow Day

Things are getting all holly jolly here in Clegg house! I’ve been blasting Christmas music non-stop since about three seconds after we finished our Thanksgiving pie. The house is decorated. Dinah’s stocking is finished (and it is definitely the most ornate of all our stockings – it does pay to be the youngest).


On Friday we got our Christmas tree and spent Saturday morning decorating it.


I got us a new advent calendar this year and the kids are already enjoying opening the doors. Last year I put candy necklaces in a couple of the advent days, and apparently it made a lasting impact because Zoey and Ellie keep talking about it and wondering whether there will be any this year. They’re in for a disappointment! I went with all the chocolate I like this year so I could eat the leftovers and I have no shame about that.


On Sunday morning – surprise! – we woke up to a winter wonderland. Dinah slept for a couple of almost- four-hour long chunks Saturday night, which is the longest she has done in over three months. I wonder if it’s the snow. It made me remember the first time it snowed after Zoey was born  – she was a little over three months old – and it was the first time she slept through the night as well. I could really learn to love snow if it means my kids sleep!

Snow (9)

Snow (11).JPG

Snow (12).JPG

Zach helped the kids build a snowman in the backyard. Really, he’s kind of a “meh”man. And yes, those are Pokeball buttons. That’s how we roll here.

Snow (14)

Snow (15)

Snow (16)

Snow (21)

Snow (60)

I spent a couple hours shoveling our driveway and hauling the snow over to the front lawn to help the kids build a fort. I think it came out pretty good. It’s been over twenty years since I built a snow fort. And I definitely never did it with this much snow, especially snow perfect for packing.  They seem happy with it.

Snow (43)

Snow (47)

Snow (50)

We had to bring Dinah out to enjoy her first snow, of course. She was pretty stoic about the whole thing. I’m not sure she knew what to make of it. But the rest of us think it’s just swell.

Snow (31)

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