A Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween, Zoey was Pikachu (if you don’t know who/what that is, just repeat to yourself the phrase “ignorance is bliss), Eleanor was Ariel, Alden was Spiderman and Dinah wore the adorable elephant costume each one of the kids has worn. IMG_2547

Zach raided the dress up bin for a few fun items before we set out trick-or-treating.


I put on my Wonder Woman socks that have capes attached to them, drew a star on my forehead and called it a costume.


The kids earned enough candy to keep their blood sugar levels continuously elevated from now until Valentine’s Day, so I guess it was a successful Halloween. They did bring keep bringing me my favorite chocolate candy bars after each doorbell at first. After awhile, I burst out laughing when I overheard Zoey asking at one door, “Can I have an extra one for my mom?” They were on the lookout for houses that had the candies I like and then asking for extra ones for me. I’m pretty sure that means I’m doing this parenting thing right.


Dinah was adorable as always for her first big holiday. She basically slept the whole time we were out walking, gaining lots of “aww” sounds from passers-by. And now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bucket full of candy waiting for me to devour it.


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