Linder Farms Field Trips

Alden’s preschool and Ellie’s first grade class both had field trips to a local pumpkin patch, Linder Farms, this year. On the same day, in fact.

HVP Linder Farms (6)
His smile is almost as goofy as that pumpkin next to him.

I went with Alden and got a chance to wave a quick “hello” to Ellie before she got on the bus to head back to school. The kids got to do all kinds of fun stuff as part of their field trip:

HVP Linder Farms (22)
Traditional pumpkin patch hayride.
HVP Linder Farms (21)
The kids got to climb an enormous pyramid of hay bales to go down a homemade slide of questionable integrity.
HVP Linder Farms (1)
There was a petting zoo. It had goats. Alden was in goat petting heaven. I practically had to drag him away.
HVP Linder Farms (13)
Alden chose the tiniest, most pathetic pumpkin ever. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of pumpkins. It was also adorable how happy he was about it.

There was also a miniature straw maze and the biggest corn seed sensory bin I’ve ever seen. It was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed getting to spend the time there with Alden (and Dinah, of course). He was quite happy about it too.

HVP Linder Farms (20)


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