A Fall Frolic With Paperless Post

*This is a sponsored post. I received credits from Paperless Post in exchange for a post sharing my honest opinion about their product.*

acorns autumn autumn decoration autumn leaves
Photo by Caleb Wood on Pexels.com

I love fall. It has always been my favorite season. The heat of summer is over. Leaves are changing color. I get to buy back to school supplies, drink warm cups of tea and cider, bake delicious things in the oven without the house reaching a million degrees, wear sweaters, not feel sweaty and sticky all the time…seriously, there are SO many good things about fall.

However. (You knew this was coming, didn’t you?) With Ellie’s birthday in August, mine and Zoey’s only a week apart in September, back to school (which means early mornings, homework and reading logs every day, piles of paperwork coming home), yearly doctor checkups for the kids and I, Girl Scouts starting back up, ongoing sports like gymnastics…etc, etc, etc x infinity…Autumn starts to feel a little overwhelming around here. And easily the biggest pit into which I pour my time, money, brain-power, and emotional well-being is planning the girls’ birthday parties. And the single biggest frustration in that planning is the invitations. Who do they want to invite? Do we have contact information for anyone? If I send paper invitations to school with Zoey, will any of them ever make it to the kids’ parents? How will I even know which kids she invited? Why doesn’t anyone ever RSVP anymore?!?!? It is overwhelming, to say the least.

depth of field photography of brown tree logs
Photo by Khari Hayden on Pexels.com


This year I gave Zoey eight invitations to distribute to friends at school because I had absolutely no contact information for a single kid in her grade. Not one. I circled “RSVP” in bright red ink, with an exclamation mark and “by Sept 14” written in. Exactly two parents responded, one after I blindly reached out to a phone number I had from softball last spring.

autumn daylight fall fog
Photo by Vali S. on Pexels.com

This is precisely the kind of situation where Paperless Post would come in extremely handy. Paperless Post is exactly what it sounds like: digital invitations and flyers that you can use to invite people to events. To try out the product, Zach and I decided to throw a party and invite some of our friends. First of all, it was extremely easy to sign up. You can use your Google or Facebook account, which I love doing because that’s another new login and password I don’t have to create or remember.  After signing up, I was pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to use. I spent about half an hour just having fun exploring all the different choices offered, but when I went to actually create the invitation it took mere minutes. The website is very intuitive. I settled on an invitation rather than a flyer because I had the free credits so might as well use ’em! A flyer is basically a link to an invitation you created. They are super cute, with fun GIFs, and you just send the link in an email or text or post it on social media. An invitation is individually sent to your recipients’ email addresses and when they open the email they see a beautiful (or fun! or quirky! you choose!) envelope and invitation, just as if it was real paper.

autumn leaves blur close up depth of field
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

There are choices for just about every kind of event you can think of, and not just invitations. Want to send Christmas cards digitally? They have them. All holidays, actually (yes, Lunar New Year, I’m looking at you). These are not the cheesy, cartoonish cards and invitations you see on other sites. These are beautiful digital stationery. Want wedding invitations designed by Vera Wang? Thank You notes by Kate Spade? It’s all there, along with quite a few other famous designers.

Another bonus to using my Google account to login in to Paperless Post: I agreed to let them import all my contacts from gmail which made it super easy to send out the invitations. Just check the box next to every name you want to invite and boom! Done!

I haven’t told you my favorite part yet though. Remember how I was talking about how much time I put into inviting people to the kids’ birthday parties? And how no one RSVPs? How, with paper invitations, I can’t even be sure they made it home to the parents? Paperless Post takes care of all that. Mere minutes to design the invitations (rather than forty-five minutes writing them until my hand cramps). Easy importing of email contact lists. AND THEN….after you have sent the invitations out, you can monitor your event and see who has opened the invitation! That’s right: in addition to telling you your guests’ responses of yes/no for attending, you can see whether the ones who haven’t responded have even opened the invitation yet. And then you can send follow up communications: to everyone, to just those that are coming, to just those who haven’t responded, etc. You can nag the hell out of those people who don’t RSVP! That feature alone is worth my money.

green orange and yellow pumpkins
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

I can tell you this: I’m never going back to paper invites. I am definitely now a fan of Paperless Post.

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