Dinah at Five Months

Well, it’s been a slightly rocky month but, on the whole, you’re still our easiest baby by far. We hit that classic four-month-old sleep regression and all the beautiful five- to eight hours of sleep you’d been doing nearly every night for a month suddenly reverted back to waking every two or three hours at night and taking fifteen minute naps during the day. I must say, you handle the lack of sleep with much more grace than I do. You are still your smiley, happy, easily contented self. And when you do wake at night, it takes only ten or fifteen minutes of nursing to get you right back to sleep.


The biggest highlight of this month was absolutely your first laugh. Only a few days after you turned four months old, I was holding you in front of the bathroom mirror to see yourself. On a whim, I suddenly blew on your neck and you burst out into the most delightful, squeaky laugh. You did it again and again. I even got it on video and it makes me smile and laugh every time I watch it. I haven’t been able to get you to laugh like that again since, but I’ve gotten a few little chuckles.

At your four month checkup the doctor was a bit concerned because you were only 11.5 pounds, which drops you down to the fifth percentile. I explained to her that dropping percentiles and hanging out at the bottom of the chart is just how we roll in this family. It’s not like I could supplement your feedings, since you refuse to take a bottle (insert mommy frowny face and side eye here). Besides, I’m feeding you as much as you’ll take anyway. I’ve already donated over two-hundred ounces of breastmilk that I pump in between feedings because you don’t eat all that I have to give. You’re excelling in all your other milestones, so I’m really not worried about your weight.


You got to see Grandma again this month when she came for my birthday and you were positively in love with her. You smiled and cooed and babbled and grabbed her hair and even seemed to reach out to her to be picked up at one point. I do believe she was equally smitten with you. You are quite charming.

One thing you don’t like is riding in the car. You’re usually fine when I first put you in your car seat, but literally the second I start up the van and begin to drive, you start to fuss. The fussing almost always escalates to a scream in short fashion. None of this is helped by the fact that, for some reason, you almost always poop when you’re in your car seat. The complete opposite of Zoey, who would never poop while in her car seat. Babies are weird.

This picture is a LIE! You hate the car!

You now get to ride in the Ergo without the infant insert because your head control is so good. I feel like that is a milestone worthy of the baby book, because that thing is so bulky and difficult to use. Getting rid of it means you can now nurse with ease while in the carrier, and I can actually reach around you to get things done. Before I know it, you’ll be riding on my back!

You roll back and forth from stomach to back with ease, as if you’ve been doing it for months rather than just a few weeks. You can turn 360’s on the floor and find ways to maneuver yourself so you can reach as high as possible to grab toys in your jungle gym. You’ve just about outgrown the mini crib your great, great aunt and uncle gave us, but I love it so much I’m trying to postpone switching you to the big crib as long as possible. I know you’re the last baby we’ll put in it until we have grandchildren.


You’re growing so fast. I can’t believe I’m already planning your six month old photos. Before I know it you’ll be off and running and I’ll be all out of babies. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to grow, little girl. Your mama needs you to fit in her arms just a little bit longer.


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