Zoey at Eight Years Old


Zoey 8 Year Old (86)

With each year that passes, I think, “It can’t get any better than this!” Yet, somehow, you do. You are truly funny, and your witty remarks, silly sense of humor and infectious giggle keep me laughing every day. You are an absolute delight to be around. You also keep Eleanor and Alden laughing, and I know it won’t be long before Dinah is giggling up a storm around you, too.

Zoey 8 Year Old (20)

Gosh, what an amazing big sister you are. It’s a role you truly were born for. All three of them adore you. It cracks me up to see you rush to boop Dinah’s tiny nose with your own every morning and call out, “First boop of the day!”

Zoey 8 Year Old (64)Zoey 8 Year Old (65)

You, my dear Little Bit, are brilliant. Your biggest complaint in life is that you don’t have as much time as you’d like for reading. You would spend every waking moment either with your nose in a book or doing art projects if we let you. Both written words and art are clearly an integral part of who you are, and I imagine they will remain so your entire life. I hope both continue to bring you joy always.

Zoey 8 Year Old (94)

The same goes for math and numbers. You tell me how much you enjoy doing math homework and it makes me swell with pride. I love the way you love learning. You started Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) pullout classes this year, and you already love it. I just know it’s going to be a good fit for you. It will be nice to finally see you challenged a bit at school.

Zoey 8 Year Old (83)

Do you know you are also stunningly beautiful? You are. At this age many people have a certain awkwardness about them (I know I sure did!) but you are all grace. Dainty yet strong. Your smile lights up rooms and hearts alike. There’s still a gap in that smile, where you lost a bottom canine tooth more than a year ago and the replacement still hasn’t grown in. The dentist has reassured us that it will. He can see the new tooth on an x-ray, patiently waiting until it’s time to grow in. You’ve decided to grow your hair longer, in the hopes that it might turn curly again. I don’t have the heart to tell you how unlikely that is.

Zoey 8 Year Old (15)Zoey 8 Year Old (12)

While you clearly prefer to use your time for solitary pursuits, we keep you active in sports and Girl Scouts. You’ve been doing Tai Kwon Do all summer long and seem to enjoy it, but I suspect when it comes time to renew in October you’ll choose to just stop. You’re good at it, but it clearly isn’t a passion for you.

Zoey 8 Year Old (67)

You have a lot of fun at Girl Scouts though, goofing off with the other girls and proudly earning badges for your vest. I think this year is going to be a really good year for you, scouting-wise. You make friends easily – everyone likes you – but you don’t yet have a “best friend” at school. We do what we can to help you, but forming those really strong attachments seems to be something you struggle with. Or maybe just struggle to show it. Sometimes it’s so hard to know what you are feeling. I just hope that you are happy, that you know how amazing you are.

Zoey 8 Year Old (7)

Zoey. You are so many things. Abundantly kind. Open-minded and open-hearted. Quick to give up or get frustrated if something is difficult. Overflowing with creativity and ideas. A bit naughty and more than a bit ornery. A lot sweet and gentle. Polite and silly and brave and strong and timid and bold all at once. You are the one I count on. The one who always knows just how to help with the other kiddos. The master at stalling and distraction. The queen of focusing on details.

Zoey 8 Year Old (33)

Above all, you are mine. And you are absolutely perfect.

Zoey 8 Year Old (36)


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