I turned thirty-five on Friday. It was a really wonderful birthday, honestly. My mom came into town Wednesday and we spent Thursday and Friday mostly just going about the usual routine. It was relaxing and I enjoyed having her around to talk to and share my days with. And I love seeing her and Dinah get to spend some bonding time together.

Shenoah 35th Birthday (3)

Zach came home and cooked a delicious dinner while I got to spend time taking Zoey’s eight year old photos. I love having the chance to play around with photography, especially during that “golden hour” of sunlight.

After dinner we Skyped in my dad (who stayed home taking care of the dog) and I was thoroughly spoiled rotten by all the gifts I got. Zach bought me an elliptical machine I’d had on my wishlist for awhile, as well as the new miniature version of the original Nintendo that comes fully loaded with a bunch of classic games (Zelda!!!). My parents gave me a beautiful glass cutting board with a picture of Seattle in it and the most amazing massage seat that I can put in any chair including the car. The long drive to Washington when we visit is about to get a whole lot better!

Shenoah 35th Birthday (21)

Shenoah 35th Birthday (25)
Opening the new rose gold colored metal band for my Garmin fitness tracker.

Honestly, though, the best gift is this life I’m living. I have a mom who will drive more than eight hours just to be here for my birthday and spend time doing mundane everyday things with her grandkids. I have a very good looking, very thoughtful and devoted husband who does everything he can to give me a wonderful life. I have four (FOUR!) stunningly beautiful, brilliant, kind children that are so much fun to spend time with and who fill my days with laughter and smiles and hugs and an avalanche of love. I have everything a person could ask for, and I am truly, deeply thankful for all of it.*

Shenoah 35th Birthday (11)

*These warm and fuzzy feelings of gratitude came to an abrupt (but temporary) halt the next morning at 6:30am when I began vomiting from food poisoning. But then I felt thankful again as it hit me that, for the first time in years, I had my mommy around to take care of me while I’m sick. It doesn’t get better than that.

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