Western Idaho Fair, 2018

As I mentioned in the previous post, we went to the Western Idaho Fair on Eleanor’s birthday. It was the opening day of the fair, and just seemed the perfect way to celebrate. My birthday always fell during the fair where I grew up, and I have many happy memories of spending my special day there with my family, so I was all for giving Ellie that same experience if she wanted it.

We got the girls each a bracelet so they could go on as many rides as they wanted. This was the first time we’ve done that for them. Alden was still only tall enough for a handful of rides this year, so he got a stack of tickets. I think the girls rode just about every ride they could. Some of them twice. I believe there was even a Zombie themed fun house in there (for which Zoey covered her eyes while Eleanor braved the whole thing).

2018 Western Idaho Fair (9)

2018 Western Idaho Fair (18)

While Zach stood watch as the girls twirled, spun and flew themselves senseless on all the rides, I took Alden and Dinah to find some entertainment that didn’t require tickets or a certain stature. He loves animals, so I started there. He was delighted to find baby chicks hatching from their eggs under an incubator:

2018 Western Idaho Fair (33)

And nothing could have been more perfect for him than a sensory bin with construction trucks, with conveniently placed hay bales nearby for me to sit on and nurse Dinah.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (35)


2018 Western Idaho Fair (42)
Baby’s First Fair. She loved it.

Then we stumbled upon the pony rides, and I just couldn’t say no. That boy was downright smitten. He rode a pony named Thunder and he continues to talk about Thunder to this day.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (43)

We met back up with Zach and the girls and convinced them to accompany their brother on some of the toddler rides. His favorite, by far, was the train of course, which he rode twice.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (30)

Any sort of vehicle was a hit, though, be it train, car, motorcycle, boat, or pirate ship.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (57)

2018 Western Idaho Fair (62)

2018 Western Idaho Fair (50)
Poor Zoey had to ride this one covering her ears the whole way because of the awful clanging bells. I was right there with her, covering my ears as I watched.

There’s always something so magical about the fairgrounds at night, the midway sparkling with a million colorful lights. And the best possible place to see it all is, naturally, the Ferris wheel. The biggest Ferris wheel you can find. So that’s exactly how I ended the night, taking Zoey and Eleanor up with me.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (70)

I have to say, while I enjoy aspects of every age, these older kiddos are a lot of fun to hang out with.

2018 Western Idaho Fair (74)

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