Ellie’s 6th Birthday Party

Okay, okay, I’m a month “past due” with this post. Life is busy. I know you all feel me on this.

Eleanor had been talking about what kind of birthday party she wanted preeeettty much since her last birthday. At first, she wanted a “tea party.” Then she wanted her birthday party at a splash park. Then she wanted her party to involve water balloons. Of course, these were all additions, not changes. And, of course, they were all coming only a couple weeks before her party. You know, right when I needed to be inviting people.

I decided to do the best I could to accommodate all her requests because I’m a pushover and love making extra work for myself she’s the middle child and her bucket ‘o love never seems to be quite full enough. So I invited her friends to a party at a local park that I knew had an awesome splash pad. Then I set to work on the tea party aspect.

When I was about Ellie’s age, my mom gave me a real china miniature tea set. It was ivory and brown and exactly matched my mom’s cookie jar. Well, my mom saves everything and said tea set (and cookie jar) have been back in my possession for quite some time now, waiting for an opportune moment to emerge from storage. This seemed to be just that moment. When Eleanor woke up on her birthday, the kitchen table looked like this:


Fancy dishes, lace table cloth, nice crystal and my mini tea set. Ellie was over the moon, especially when I let her know I was gifting the tea set to her. (She and Zoey have since made many plans about how they will live together when they grow up so they can share the tea set. It’s adorable.) I then served up a breakfast of pancakes with rainbow sprinkles in them (a birthday tradition) and real tea in the tea set. The girls loved scooping out the sugar from the tiny bowl and pouring themselves numerous itty bitty cups of decaf tea from the pot. Personally, I drank several large cups of very caffeinated tea.

After enduring the agony of waiting all day for Daddy to come home from work (the agony was briefly interrupted by a trip to the elementary school to find out class assignments and meet teachers for the upcoming school year that would start on Monday), Eleanor got to have the birthday dinner she requested (salmon, roasted carrots and lemon muffins. Yes, that is actually what she requested) and finally open her presents. She has been wearing a beat up old paper Burger King crown daily for weeks, so words cannot do justice to the extreme rapture this child displayed when she opened the tiara from Claire’s that Zoey chose to give her.



That tiara has barely left her head since. Bonus: I finally could recycle the Burger King crown.

After dinner, we all went to opening night of the Western Idaho Fair. That in and of itself is a whole other blog post, so I’m going to skip over that for now. Suffice it to say, Eleanor had an excellent birthday. We finally got the kids settled into bed by 11pm, and then we got right back to work getting ready for her party the next day (this is after getting up at 6am to have that tea party breakfast ready for her, mind you).

There were friends, water balloon games, a rice crispy My Little Pony cake, snacks that could pass for a lunch, and one very happy, very exhausted newly six year old girl.




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