Dinah At Four Months Old

Oh, this has been a fun month, Dinah Girl. Hands-down, your best new trick has been blowing bubbles. You soak your chin with frothy drool as you sit there happily entertain yourself by doing so. Often, a smile accompanies this activity. You go through several outfits a day between the drool and the frequent large spit ups you’ve started doing. I’m totally okay with seeing you in the gajillion different adorable outfits we have for you, but could you try to avoid my clothes when you urp? I don’t have that many breastfeeding-friendly tops and doing laundry every day is getting really old, really fast.

Dinah, I don’t think I could ask for a baby more wonderful than you. You make it so easy on us. From the very beginning, you only cried when you needed something and that still holds true. As soon as we meet your need – feed you, change your diaper, get you to sleep – you are calm, happy and smiling again. And, oh, you are the happiest, smiliest baby! You smile with your whole face, and it’s like a sunbeam straight to my heart. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to ever get a good picture of your huge smile. The second I pull out my phone to grab a photo the smile disappears, as you become riveted on the device. None of my distraction tricks work to tear your eyes away from the shiny, fascinating iphone.

Oh! And you may have started to laugh! It’s hard to tell, but I think you may have had your first laugh just this past week, and repeated it several times since then. I can’t say for sure because it always comes when you’re fussing, and then you suddenly see me and get a huge smile and then make this sound that’s maybe a laugh, maybe more of a fussy sound? I’m so confused, but it’s adorable either way.

For over a month now you have been sleeping through the night which is absolutely amazing, wonderful, so much goodness, I love you so much! Your sisters woke every hour for the entire first year, and your brother every four hours for two years and here you are, four months old, and sleeping anywhere from five to eight hours straight every night. On the nights you do wake up, it’s a quick nursing and you’re back to sleep. Literally the only complaint I can find with your sleeping is that you seem to think bedtime comes after midnight (about 12:30am, the past week or so). Now that I have to get up at 6am to get your sisters to school every morning, do you think we could pull that bedtime a smidge earlier? Even just 10:30? Pretty please?

You have mastered rolling onto your belly and pretty much do so every time I lay you down now. No more leaving you unattended on the bed. You still get stuck there on your tummy, though, as you haven’t quite figured out going back the other way (you’ve done it once or twice, by accident more than skill I think). Your head control continues to be impressive, and you’re just about ready to be in the Ergo carrier without the infant insert (personally one of my favorite baby milestones, because that thing is bulky and annoying).

Your favorite past-times include sucking on your fingers – occasionally a thumb – and grabbing your feet and toes. You grab toys and bring them to your mouth for sucking and nomming on. You love to suck on fabric things; blankets, burp cloths, your shirt – they’re all fair game. It reminds me of your sister Eleanor who liked to do the same thing. Unfortunately, you refuse to suck on a bottle. We’ve begun introducing you to a straw cup with breastmilk in it, in the hope that I will be able to leave you for more than an hour in the near future (Mommy won tickets to the Journey concert next month and there is no way she’s missing it. Either you learn to drink milk from a straw or you’re going with me in the Ergo and headphones. I am not missing that concert!).

You are really interested in toys and mobiles now. In fact, you’re fascinated by pretty much everything and everyone around you. I can see the wheels turning as you take it all in. You’re a smart one, there’s no doubt about that. You’re happy to play in your baby gym or sit in your bouncy seat or your rock ‘n play. In fact, you’re pretty much always happy. You do get upset whenever I pass out of your line of sight though. I have a hunch the separation anxiety stage with you is going to be a rough one. That’s okay. I’m pretty attached to you, too.

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