The Tuesday Tally

Death by bodily fluids. That’s my alternate working title for this post. It’s a really good thing I’m a nurse because Oh. Em. Gee. I have had twelve hour shifts caring for critically ill patients that involved less…wetness.

We are still trying to potty train Alden. He starts preschool in two weeks, which requires him to be potty trained. Literally every preschool around here requires kids to be potty trained and fully independent in the bathroom before attending, which just baffles me because they are three. Even my girls, who were potty trained before two, were not fully independent with the whole wiping thing at three and four years old. I’m hoping that if I can at least get Alden to the point of not pooping in his pants, I can send him to preschool in a pull up and we’ll call it a win. They’ve agreed to give it a trial run with us and refund our money if he’s just not ready (please, please, please be ready. Mommy really needs you to go to preschool).

Today I (once again) kicked off potty training boot camp with Alden. So far we’ve had several pee accidents and one large poop accident that involved poop on his face. I will leave the details of that up to your imagination. We did have one big poop win in the potty though, so I have hope.

Then there’s Dinah. Ever since about twelve weeks old Dinah has been regularly spitting up, sometimes with alarming frequency or volume. She usually does this without any sign that it’s coming, getting you when you least expect it. Today (so far), the couch was the biggest victim. My clothes have also been hit. She also has had her diaper leak and peed through three separate outfits. It’s only 4pm, so there’s definite potential for more.

So, to sum up: Pee. Poop. Urp. All in large quantities.

Deep breaths. Deeeeep breaths… How many more hours is it until bedtime?

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