Boise Hawks

Boise does not have any major league/national sports teams. In Seattle we were spoiled with the Seahawks (NFL), Mariners (MLB), Sounders (soccer), and until just a few years ago, the Supersonics (NBA). There’s currently talk of getting an NHL team there. Here in Boise though, the best you get is college football (Boise State Broncos) and A level baseball: the Boise Hawks.

Back at the end of June, we used our free tickets that we get from our insurance company, combined with free tickets from the girls’ school and summer reading programs at the library, and went to our first Hawks game with some friends visiting from Seattle.

It was positively miserable.

All our “free” seats were in bleachers on the South side of the field, where you get roasted by the full force of the afternoon and early evening sun. And I was wearing a newborn baby (aka a bundle of heat) in a baby carrier.

Yesterday we went again. This time, however, Zach had won the “Pepsi Fan Cave” box seats drawing. We got use of the “cave,” which turned out to be a small room with a sliding glass door next to the announcer’s box. Stepping inside I was immediately assaulted by the smell of mold or mildew coming from the filthy, stained carpet. There were also two plush recliners of dubious cleanliness, a small table, a flat screen TV, and a mini-fridge stocked with Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist and bottled water. Technically, there was an air conditioner, but it sputtered along doing next to nothing to cool the hot, humid box. The TV said it was Netflix-connected, but when I tried to turn on some cartoons to distract the kids halfway through the game, it had no connection at all, including basic television channels.

The kids, inside the box.

The prize package also included eight seats in front of the box. These were stadium-style seats (rather than the metal bleachers we were in last time) and in the shade. Two (seriously, why only two?) of them had cushions built into the seat, so I was much more comfortable this time. It was still quite hot outside, but we were in shade and there was a faint hope of a breeze that helped.

Zach and his parents in our outdoor seats. Yes, they are quite tall, especially his dad. No, I do not know what “Cactus Pete’s” is.

We were also given twenty dollars worth of vouchers to spend on food, and an employee even hiked up to our level to take orders for any food we wanted delivered.

The kids got to hang out with Humphrey, the Boise Hawks mascot, for a bit, which delighted them. It was also nice that we could let them bounce around and be obnoxious inside the enclosed box where they wouldn’t bother anyone while we watched the game from the seats in front of it.

True story: Humphrey’s beak is cracked and has a band aid across the crack.

Altogether, it was a much more pleasant experience this time around. I definitely have a better understanding of the push around town for a new stadium now.

See? Band-aid!

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