Dinah At Three Months

A week ago, you turned three months old. I blinked and you weren’t a newborn anymore. Suddenly, you’re a baby. A smiling, cooing, hair-grabbing baby.

Well hello there, Bright Eyes.

You love to interact, smiling and cooing and talking up a storm. You hate to feel alone. I can set you in the rock n’ play while I do dishes, cook or eat, and you are happy as a clam as long as you can see me. As soon as I walk out of your line of sight, though, you start squawking. I take this to be a sign of good self-preservation instincts.

A happy little three-month-old, wearing a new outfit from Grandma.

You still like to be swaddled, but at times you can sleep without it. Most of the time, you sleep flat on your back or on your side in the crib. You are our only baby to do so at such a young age. If I put you in the Ergo, you’re almost guaranteed to immediately fall asleep. I think you love the feel of being held so close. Several times recently you’ve slept through an entire night. One time you slept more than nine hours before I finally had to wake you up!

A swaddled Baby asleep in a crib! It’s a miracle!
Passed out, after falling asleep in the Ergo and being set down on the bed. You slept this way for the longest stretch!

It’s fun to watch you explore your world. You deliberately reach for and grab toys and blankets, even bringing them to your mouth to suck on. You’re just like Eleanor in that way. There’s a bright pink, dangly, fabric cow that Grandma gave you that is the clear favorite of all your toys. Last week, when Grandma was here, you found your toes for the first time and were positively enthralled.

“I can haz cow?”

Grandma and Bama both bought you some new outfits for the summer. Since your older sisters were born at the opposite time of year, you only had a few weather-appropriate clothes. I found you some adorable onesies on clearance as well, so you’re all set now.

Quality time with Zoey, wearing a new dress from Bama.
Your sister – Ellie, of course – felt you needed a crown to go with your new onesie.

Three months in, Dinah, and you’re still the most popular person in our house. It melts my heart to watch the way your brother hugs and kisses you – so gently, without even being reminded. Zoey and Eleanor adore you, and always want to talk to you, play with you, sing and read to you, hold and kiss you. Daddy and I can’t help but smile every time we look at your beautiful face. I’m going to need an intervention to get me to stop sniffing your sweet smelling head.

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