July 4th, 2018

Omigod omigod omigod! Am I actually blogging about something a mere two days after it happened???? Not months later? Mark this day on your calendars folks, because it’s a bloomin’ miracle.

Anyhoo. Moving on from the self-congratulatory portion of this post…

As everyone on this planet is no doubt aware, Wednesday was July 4th. For those of us in America, that means barbecues and fireworks. (‘Murica!)

2018 Sparklers (1)

Zach planned to take the older three to the city fireworks show. No sparklers or any other kind of personal fireworks are allowed there for safety reasons, so we let the kids do their sparklers on the evening of July 3rd instead. Close enough.

It was definitely still light out when we did them, because it doesn’t get dark until 10pm here right now. This was through-and-through a “meh, good enough” Fourth of July celebration.

2018 Sparklers (14)

The girls remembered doing sparklers the year before at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and (literally) were off and running as soon as we lit them. Alden was excited about them, but quickly became disillusioned as he tried to avoid the smoke they produced. After about his third sparkler he decided he was done.

2018 Sparklers (17)

On the fourth, Zach got the older girls up and took them down to the city’s pancake breakfast and parade. Then they returned, along with Zach’s parents and his older sister’s family (all the cousins). We had a barbecue with our brand new grill and table full of delicious food. Then everyone, including Zach and our three oldest, bustled downtown to watch the city’s big fireworks show. I had opted to stay home with Dinah this year. There are still some things that aren’t quite healed from her rapid entry into this world, and lots of walking and wearing her in the Ergo make me hurt (both of those would have been a necessary part of venturing out to the fireworks show). I was quite happy to join the neighbors outside watching the various sky sparkles around the city for ten minutes before shuffling back inside to my couch and Netflix. It was, actually, one of the most relaxing 4th of July evenings I can remember.



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