Little Cats A, B, C and D

Little Cat Photos (11)

When we were ready to tell our family that we were expecting Dinah, I made t-shirts for the kids. They had a picture on the front from Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat In the Hat Comes Back” and read “Little Cat A” (Zoey), “Little Cat B” (Eleanor), and “Little Cat C” (Alden) on them. I then made a matching onesie for the new baby that read “Little Cat D.” The big kids marched in to show our family their shirts and I then revealed that I had made “one more” and showed the onesie.

Little Cat Photos (41)
Little Cat A
Little Cat Photos (44)
Little Cat B
Little Cat Photos (46)
Little Cat C
Little Cat Photos (54)
Little Cat D

Now that Dinah has arrived, it was time to get pictures of all of them wearing their matching shirts together. It seemed the perfect opportunity for some family photos as well. They came out really well, other than Dinah getting a bit fussy in some of them. Since she’s still a newborn, I think I’m gonna go ahead and allow that.

Little Cat Photos (23)
Dinah seems unconvinced this is a good idea.
Little Cat Photos (28)
That’s better. Very sweet, Alden.
Little Cat Photos (27)
Okay, now you’re making mommy cry.
Little Cat Photos (33)
Alden’s face. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this photo. SO CLOSE to a perfect family photo.
Little Cat Photos (35)
I’m gonna call this one good. Dang good, even, with four small kids. 
Little Cat Photos (57)
Snapped this one on accident while adjusting settings and it inspired a collage of photos from this shoot that I made into a canvas for Zach for Father’s Day. 
Little Cat Photos (73)
A real laugh from Zoey. More precious than gold.
Little Cat Photos (61)
That little ham.
Little Cat Photos (85)
There is so much personality in this one, I don’t even know where to begin. Alden. DINAH. I’m dying.
Little Cat Photos (59)
Eight years down. Eighty (ish) more to go. 

2 thoughts on “Little Cats A, B, C and D

  1. I love your family photos (especially Alden and Eleanor’s faces). We have had ourselves similar cute faces that always make me smile.

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