Zoey Bridges to Brownie

In May, Zoey officially crossed the bridge from Daisy to Brownie with her Girl Scouts troop. For those unfamiliar with Girl Scouts, I mean she literally crossed the bridge.


I think both girls are finding a lot of happiness with their troop, and I’m certainly thrilled with the confidence they’ve gained since joining (especially Eleanor). They’ll both remain in the same troop next year, as theirs is a join Brownie and Daisy troop.

most of the troop

The first weekend after school let out for summer, the girls packed up and headed off for their first camping experience with Girl Scouts. Every three years here in Idaho they hold “Jubilation” which is a three-day/two-night camping experience for all the Girl Scouts in Idaho. Due to having Dinah, I wasn’t able to go along as a chaperone which meant I had to actually trust my girls to people I didn’t even know the last name of, in a city two hours away (I didn’t even know what direction). The girls were thrilled with their independence, and came home unscathed although utterly exhausted. Zoey was “that kid” teaching the others a swear word that she picked up I don’t even know where, and Eleanor learned how to flip the bird from an older scout and was showing off her new skill on the bus ride home and they both lost items that got left behind…but considering their age and this being their first experience of this kind, I’m going to call it a success.

So excited to head off to camp.

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