Eleanor’s Kindergarten Promotion

This kid.

K Promo edit


I am so dang proud of her. Eleanor entered kindergarten not knowing a single person there, the youngest kid in the whole school and a major introvert to boot. I’m proud of how hard she has worked to learn the beginnings of reading and math, but I’m most proud of her bravery. She has worked hard to make friends, to overcome her anxiety and hesitancy in groups. We’ve definitely had some bumps with her social skills this past year, but she has come so very far. She started the year with a terrible stutter that made following her speech very difficult. Now it is almost entirely gone, coming out only when she’s overly tired or excited. In the fall, she still wanted to take a nap every day, coming home from school completely exhausted. Now she has the stamina to make it through a full day without devolving into a first-rate grump. She is now *thisclose* to reading independently. But most importantly, she has confidence in herself and a best friend. And this mama is so, so proud.



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