Dinah At Two Months Old

I can barely comprehend that it has been two months since you were born. You, Dinah, who felt so tiny and dainty in my arms at your birth that I was convinced you were smaller than you actually were, you suddenly seem so much bigger to me. And well you might. At your five week checkup, you had already grown a full two inches and gained one-and-a-half pounds. As you will be nine weeks this weekend, I can only imagine how much more you’ve grown. You were practically swimming in your newborn sized clothes at birth, but have now outgrown them. Very soon, the 0-3 month clothes won’t fit either. You have your two month appointment today, so we’ll see then how much more you’ve grown in the past four weeks. I hate to tell you, but that also means you’ll be celebrating today by getting your first immunizations. Sorry about that, but I promise you it’s for the best.

Five weeks old, practicing her “dab” and wearing the outfit Zoey wore to our first PEPS meeting.

You are so strong! I knew this even when you were still growing inside of me. I use to remark to your Daddy about how strong you were in there. At your five week check up, the doctor was already impressed at your neck strength. Just wait until she sees you today! You will be fully supporting your own head within two weeks, I’d bet. And that’s with having had very little tummy-time.

You still love to be swaddled to help you sleep. With the summer weather and rising temperatures, that means you often wear nothing but a diaper. That’s fine, though, because your older sisters were born at the opposite time of year from you and the majority of your clothes are for fall and winter: long sleeves, pants, and sweaters. Whenever we have a cooler day, I seize the opportunity to put you into the cute outfits I have such fond memories of dressing your sisters in. Just so I can see you in them at least once before you outgrow them.

Six weeks old, in the Ergo carrier, eyes still gray

You’re better able to handle the volume of milk you get when nursing, now, and are starting to sleep on your back in the crib sometimes. That’s much earlier than any of your siblings were ever able to. I think it helps that I still remain mostly dairy-free while nursing you.

The absolute highlight of this past month has been when you learned to smile. You gave your very first smile to Eleanor, which sent her over the moon with joy. The three of us were sitting on the bed together when you looked straight into her face and gave her a brief but definitely real smile. Since then, it has gotten more and more frequent, and you now smile back in response to being talked to and smiled at. You are always beautiful, but you are positively breathtaking when you smile. It makes me feel like I could explode with joy and love.

Seven weeks, rocking a hair bow headband

You are also beginning to find your voice. You give soft coos and gentle sounds. The other night, I swear it sounded like you were repeating the word “hello” to me and your Daddy. It was such a sweet, soft sound.

Eight weeks old on Father’s Day.

Oh sweet, tiny Dinah. Bringing you into this world – both the pregnancy and the delivery – was the most physically difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I am so very thankful I did. Our house feels more like “our” home because you are in it. Our days are filled with more smiles and laughs and love because you are here. I am overflowing with excitement for each stage of your babyhood, for each milestone awaiting us. I love you, my littlest one.

Two months old. Breathtakingly beautiful. 

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