Dinah at One Month Old

My dear, sweet, baby Dinah. Your first month has flown by in the blink of an eye. I can barely keep up, you’re changing so fast. Even this post is already a week late. Late, I fear, is going to be the new norm for our lives as I adjust to being outnumbered by four children.

Dinah's Birth (1)

There are so many things that have happened in the past month that I never want to forget. The way you felt so small in my arms the first moment I held you. The way you took only moments to latch on and start nursing, as soon as I pulled you to my chest. Your siblings meeting you for the very first time.

Dinah's Birth (20)

Dinah's Birth (17)

The way you spent your first few nights at home tethered to a bili light. When we swaddled you around it, you glowed like the Idaho Glowtato (an enormous, glowing potato pulled on a truck advertising the Idaho Potato Commission).  Once my milk came in, you stopped sleeping on your back in the crib and instead have since had to sleep in a bouncy seat to prevent reflux. Too much volume, I guess. You also spend a lot of nights in bed next to me. I love waking to your tiny, soft body next to me and seeing your sweet face as soon as I open my eyes.


I want to remember how you already feel so much bigger than you did just a few weeks ago. Your “going home from the hospital” outfit was much too large when we first put it on you. Now it’s just about right. Your feet are still too small and narrow for even the tiniest socks or shoes. At your two week checkup, you’d already grown half an inch taller and your head was a full inch and a half larger around.

Dinah's Birth (7)

I want to remember the way you sometimes bob your head against me as I hold you, open-mouthed so it’s almost like you’re giving me kisses on my shoulder, neck and face. The way you seem to constantly have hiccups.


You love being swaddled. You love being outside, and if you are fussy I can take you for a walk around the backyard and you will almost always calm quickly. Sometimes you nap in your rock n’ play on the patio while your siblings play around you. Oh, how they adore you! Zoey and Ellie constantly ask to hold you, while Alden spontaneously gives you gentle kisses throughout the day and says, “I like Dinah.”



You have so captured our hearts, Dinah, and we are soaking up every moment.

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