Mother’s Day Bliss

I sincerely hope all you mamas reading this were just as spoiled for Mother’s Day as I was. Zach and the kids made sure I was pampered all day yesterday. Dinah started it all off by giving me two nights in a row of decent sleep. Then, after sleeping in a bit on Sunday morning, Zach made me crepes stuffed with chocolate, raspberries and cinnamon sugar apples. The girls were busting at the seams to present me with the gifts they had made at school for me. From Zoey:


“My favorite time together is when we go for walks together”
“If I could give my mother something special just from me, it would be a Starry Night painting”

Pretty sure she means one she paints herself (my aspiring artist), but I’d totally take a Van Gogh original if she’s offering.

“My mother looks prettiest when she is in her wedding dress”

Well, child, aside from photos, you only saw the inside of my uterus when I was in my wedding dress, but I’ll take the compliment. I did feel very much like a pretty princess that day.

“My favorite thing about my mother is she worked hard to grow a baby.”

Yes. Yes I did. Thank you.

“I know my mother loves me because she hugs me all the time.”

All. The. Time. Yes, sometimes even when you’d rather I didn’t, my poor sensory child. But I’m glad you know it’s out of love.

“I want to thank you, Mom, for loving me all the time.”

Oh Zoey. You never have to thank me for that. And I will never stop loving you.

Zoey also filled out an “All about my mom” sheet which was quite entertaining:


Okay, I’ll admit, I did require very frequent naps this past year. Also, thanks for shaving two years off for me, Zoey. I feel younger already. This next one might be my favorite of all the gifts from Zoey:


“My mom is as pretty as Santa.”


“She is as sweet as candy. She is as smart as the smartiest person.”

(I particularly like “smartiest.”)

“But most of all she is as special as ME!”

Cue me cracking up with laughter. Yes, Zoey, you are incredibly special and I’m glad you know it! Don’t ever forget it!

She gifted me with a pinecone covered with peanut butter and birdseed that is now hanging in our backyard (much to the delight of our overly-plump, overly-procreating squirrels) and two pieces of artwork as well:

A portrait of me
Zoey and I on a rainbow together. Because when you’re 7 it’s all about rainbows.
Currently feeling guilty because I honestly cannot remember the last time I took any of the kids to the park. I think it was when we lived in Seattle. Way to master the passive aggressive hint, Zoey.

Eleanor also made me some gifts at school. Her “about mom” took the form of a book shaped like a purse and covered with shiny things (kid, you know your mama likes the shiny things!).


This story is TRUE. NOT fake news! 

According to Ellie, I am forty-seven years old and eight feet tall. At least she got the brown eyes?


“The best thing she cooks is salmon with roasted carrots. Her favorite food is salmon with roasted carrots.”

While I enjoy a good salmon with roasted carrots for dinner, that is actually Eleanor’s favorite food. But I’m glad she likes my cooking.

“My mom is really good at napping. Sometimes she forgets to change the sheets on my bed.” 

Again, with the napping. Kids got me pegged. But what’s up with the sheets? I would like it noted that, unless they’ve been puked or peed on or germed up by a feverish kid, I am generally the only one who thinks of changing the sheets on those beds. It certainly isn’t occurring to the kids!

“As you can see, my mom is special because she loves me.” 

Yes I do, Eleanor. And I always will.


Ellie also made me some artwork. Flowers, because she knows I love them.


Speaking of flowers, Alden gave me a large bouquet of cheerful yellow tulips, which I absolutely love. And Zach got me several plants for the yard. A purple clematis, a honeysuckle, a gorgeously fragrant daphne (to replace the one I got a few years ago that died), and a butterfly bush (we had a HUGE, beautiful one in Seattle that had to be left behind with a neighbor when we moved).

We spent most of the day at Zach’s sister’s house, where all the dads made a delicious lunch for the moms (gourmet BLTs with basil and avocado, caprese bread, fruit and mimosas) and our kids ran amuk and played with their cousins all day and everyone passed baby Dinah around like a hot potato (she soaked up all the loving with grace and poise, like the little duchess she is). At one point, it started to storm so Zoey and Ellie stripped buck naked (along with a couple of their cousins) and gleefully jumped on the trampoline in the pouring rain like feral children. It cracked me up.

As we drove home that evening, a thunderstorm was starting up and we could see the most vibrant rainbow arcing over Boise. It was the perfect ending to a lovely day full of love and family.

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