STEM Night

The girls’ school recently held a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) night that we attended with the kids. Each classroom had some different kind of educational experience set up in it. In the library, they got to watch a presentation by a local reptile keeping company, that had live snakes and lizards for the kids to learn about, touch and see.

Reptile Adventures

One classroom had a representative from the local electricity company who taught about safety around downed power lines using a scale model. I think my eyes about popped out of my head when the man giving that presentation actually zapped the little human figurine and fried him until he was smoldering. He seemed to make his point really well with the kids though.

Careful kids, those are live wires!

Another room had disco lights and a music station set up where kids could play DJ with the latest digital sound equipment. Other classrooms focused on biology, plants and bugs.

“Feeding” a giant, fake venus fly trap.

Yet another room dealt with virtual reality.

Virtual reality


There were plenty of other rooms we didn’t even have time to make it to.

Looking at cells through a microscope
STEM dress-up photo booth

The kids loved STEM night. I’m really happy that our school embraces math and science (and teaches that they are for everyone, not just boys). It was a really cool experience that I’m hoping will be held every year.

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