Green Flamingo Choo-Choo Birthday

When I asked Alden what kind of birthday party he wanted, he made it all about his favorite things: trains, flamingos and the color green.

Since he doesn’t really have any peer-aged friends yet, and because the pregnancy and move and life in general had me feeling overwhelmed enough as it was, I decided to forgo any kind of elaborate party. We invited grandparents and cousins over for dinner and cake and called it good. Alden picked out a lemon cake and I ordered a few train and flamingo-themed party decorations (plates and napkins, a tablecloth and balloons). I also found some fun honeycomb paper flamingo straws and used a couple of them along with a Thomas train to decorate his cake.


We decided that with the new baby coming (who would eventually need the crib/toddler bed), his third birthday was the perfect time to graduate Alden to a twin-sized bed. We shopped around a bit and got him a new twin mattress the week before his birthday. We told my parents about the plan and they surprised him with the perfect Thomas the Train bedding set as a birthday gift. Alden is thrilled with his new “big boy bed” and has had a pretty seamless transition into it.


My happy big three year old!

Now I just have to get around to taking Alden’s three year old pictures. Between the weather and the kids being constantly sick, we haven’t had a chance for any good ones yet. Here’s hoping it happens before the baby gets here and before Alden turns four!

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