32 Weeks Pregnant

Finally, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Now that it’s March, I can officially say “we’re having a baby next month” even though it’s still closer to two more months of pregnancy left. It’s the little things that give me the strength to power through.

When I sit for too long, or on a seat that’s too hard, my hips and lower back ache. When I lie down, the sciatica kicks up and my ligaments feel strained. If I stand or walk, the contractions start. So I find myself constantly switching between all these positions throughout the day. At night I think about how nice it will be to no longer wake up every hour to turn over or go to the bathroom, only to remember that then I’ll still be waking up every hour for a different (much more adorable) reason.

Despite these aches and frustrations, I’m feeling better than I have through most of this pregnancy. I tire very easily, but I can roll with that. At eight months pregnant I am finally, officially, back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I only throw up occasionally now, and rarely feel nauseous.


This baby is hands-down the squirmiest of my bunch. It’s so funny, the differences you can feel with each baby. Zoey pretty much never moved at all, unless it was the hiccups. She only rarely kicked, and then it was pretty gentle. Eleanor, rather than kicking, preferred to stretch her legs straight out. She would push her little foot so hard against the side of my belly that you could actually see a foot shape and feel all her little toes. Alden would just kick, kick, kick, kick, kick! Both of them turned just a couple times. This baby, however, once discovering that it actually could flip and turn, has not stopped since. It rolls and twists, kicks and tap dances, does jumping jacks, stretches, punches…you name it. Constant movement. On one hand, it’s reassuring when you always feel your baby is alive and well. On the other hand…could you give me a break, kid? Mommy is seriously touched out and tired.

There have been a lot of Braxton-Hicks for a couple months now, and for the last week or so I’ve a been having episodes of pretty strong contractions. Baby is still riding high and there’s no evidence s/he is trying to make an early arrival, just more ways of keeping me uncomfortable and tired. Here’s hoping all that practice makes perfect when it comes time for real labor.

So I guess it’s time to finally start making some actual preparations for this baby. I’ve felt so awful for so long that I have had zero interest in doing anything. I finally washed newborn clothes and filled a dresser with them. Other than that, the only ambition I’ve had is to make a list of the things I still need to do. Every now and then I look at it, feel exhausted just thinking about it, and tell myself it can wait until the start of April. Or at least closer to April.

In the meantime, more Girl Scout cookies and potato chips, please.

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