7 Months Pregnant

I present to you: a series of unflattering cell phone photos of my very pregnant self.

I’m currently sitting at twenty-nine and a half weeks pregnant, and still about three or four pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. If you account for the approximately ten pounds of baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and increased blood supply, that still leaves me down about thirteen pounds, but at least I don’t feel like death anymore. And I can fit in some of the smaller maternity clothes I wore when I was pregnant with Zoey, so that’s a plus. Basically, it’s like thirteen pounds got shaved off the rest of me and redistributed to my abdominal region.


The nausea is essentially gone, other than the occasional random reappearance for absolutely no discernible reason. I’m off of the ondansetron and able to do things like grocery shop, cook, tolerate most food-related smells and, in general, have any association whatsoever with food.

The baby is still lying sideways most of the time, but at times will put it’s head down in the left corner of my pelvis and feet up in my ribs. While it hasn’t committed to putting it’s head straight down yet (much less keeping it there),  I’m taking all this movement as a positive sign that it can. With the approval of my doctor, I have my first chiropractic appointment (as in, first ever) scheduled for the beginning of March with a provider certified in the Webster Technique. In theory, this helps allow breech babies to turn head-down. At the very least, it should help with my sciatic pain and really tight, sore hips.


I have some very pronounced diastasis rectii (separated abdominal muscles) once again this pregnancy. It took eighteen months of physical therapy after Alden was born to fix that and all the other pelvis/hips/upper- and mid-back related issues from the previous three pregnancies. At least this time around I have a repertoire of exercises I know to do in order to fix it. I was also beginning to notice some discomfort related to the front of my pelvis separating (something that can become very painful, as I have experienced before, and can cause problems during birth). I have taken to wearing my pregnancy support belt most of my waking hours and it has helped hold everything together and reduced a lot of pain for me. I seriously wish I had gotten one for my past pregnancies.


While I get worn out quickly and have to limit how many times a day I go up and down the stairs, overall this is the best I’ve felt during the pregnancy. I’m trying to enjoy it, trying to appreciate the kicking and squirming inside of me, trying to harness all the good feelings I can find to associate with this pregnancy and this baby. He or she will be here very soon, and I will never, ever be pregnant again (seriously, never doing this again!). Let’s end it on a good note, baby!

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