Kindergarten Ellie

I can’t believe I missed writing about the first day of school this year. Zoey started first grade, and Eleanor was off to her very first day of kindergarten (cue the waterworks!). School starts much earlier here in Boise, in mid-August instead of mid-September like I’ve always been used to in Western Washington. It makes sense, given that it’s still raining through most of June in Seattle, with August and early September being the best summer weather. Here, it’s so blistering hot in August and September that it makes sense for the kids to be in an air-conditioned building during the day, and to enjoy their summer break during June when the outdoor world doesn’t feel like the surface of the sun.

First Day School 2017 (4)

On the first day of school, Eleanor was so excited. As if starting school wasn’t enough of an adventure, we opened our front door to walk to the bus stop and were greeted by an enormous hot air balloon. It had been up for a sunrise float above the city, and was descending right past the end of our street. Of course, it was thrilling and magical for the kids (and myself, too, if I’m being honest). I don’t think Ellie will ever forget the hot air balloon for her first day of school.

First Day School 2017 (10)


While I’m sure she was shy once she got to the elementary, Eleanor didn’t show one second of hesitation about climbing up on the school bus with her sister.

First Day School 2017 (36)

I think this positive experience really helped set the tone for all of us that this will be a place we will all be happy, a place of new adventures and fun surprises.

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