Wow. More than half a year since I’ve shared here. I’ve been wanting to write again for a long time and finding it hard to do so. Not for lack of anything to write; more the opposite really. So very much has been happening, changing, that I’ve struggled to know where to begin. Do I try to go back and write posts about everything I’ve missed? Do I just pick up at the current time, as if I never stopped? I still don’t know, I just know that I need to write again. I need an outlet. So here it goes. I guess I’ll start with a summary of the major events since last June.


As you may recall, we were shopping for a home in Boise, Idaho. We found one! Crazy fools that we are, we made an offer on a home we’d never seen in person (after two trips over and two offers that were beat out by someone else). July was spent packing (and madly selling and/or giving away many things) and we officially closed on the house at the end of the month. Zach began working in Idaho while I finished out July in Seattle with the kids, then we all moved over at the beginning of August.

A mere two weeks later, we were back in Washington for my best friend’s wedding (besties since the sixth grade!) and Eleanor’s fifth birthday (I can’t believe I missed writing about her at her birthday).


An immediate turn around to get back to Boise for the start of school in late August. Zoey is in first grade and Eleanor started kindergarten (another big milestone missed on the blog).

In September we celebrated the wedding of one of Zach’s sisters to a wonderful guy and Zoey turning seven (how is that possible?).

Then the parade of holidays and constant sugar intake arrived: Halloween, Thanksgiving (back in Washington with my parents) and Christmas.

Oh, and one other thing happened. It’s probably the thing that has kept me from blogging more than anything else: I’m pregnant again.

Yup. Crazy fools that we are, we decided moving to another state wasn’t upheaval enough for our lives. Let’s add another baby too!


This has, hands-down, been the hardest pregnancy on me. At six weeks along, the hyperemesis gravidarum kicked in again, and was the worst I’ve yet experienced.  When I saw my new doctor for the first time around eleven weeks pregnant, I was fifteen pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. That was with taking anti-nausea medicine around the clock every day (I had contacted my old doctor in Seattle and begged her to send a prescription to Boise while I waited for my first appointment with my new doctor here).

Around four months pregnant, the symptoms started to lift slightly to where I was still nauseous but no longer vomiting all day and night (the evenings were the absolute worst). That only lasted a couple days, unfortunately, before our house got hit with some kind of stomach virus and I lost another five pounds in two days. I was so dehydrated and malnourished at this point that it’s a miracle I didn’t end up in an emergency room. Zach and the kids all got over the virus in a day or two but it took me almost a full week to recover to a point where I could eat much or get out of bed.

That was the week before Thanksgiving. I was tired, but well enough to actually enjoy the trip to my parents’ house for the holiday. We spent almost a week there, which was relaxing and wonderful.

Unfortunately, within a short time of being home again, I found myself very sick once again. This time, I was running a fever of almost 102. Any of you who have followed this blog for long know that I never get fevers. I can think of literally three times in the past twenty years that I have had a fever (two attacks of noro-virus and one food poisoning).  When the fever was continuing to go up even with Tylenol, I knew something serious was up. I contacted my doctor and first thing the next morning they confirmed it: influenza A. The flu sucks anytime, but it is especially dangerous if you are pregnant. With the decreased immune system, pneumonia is much more likely and a pregnant woman can become much sicker, very quickly. Not to mention the risks to the baby, like low birth-weight and and premature labor. I immediately started Tamiflu, which started helping within hours of the first dose. My doctor also diagnosed a sinus infection which had probably been going on for a long time, but I had been chalking the symptoms up to pregnancy congestion and the incredibly dry air here in Boise.

I finished the Tamiflu just in time to be mostly-alive for Christmas. Unfortunately, we had sick house guests on Christmas and I came down with a nasty cold within a couple days. At this point, I was ready to lose my mind. I was so utterly defeated and exhausted. The coughing was so awful I was only getting a couple hours of sleep each night, sitting bolt upright in bed. I was using an inhaler in a desperate attempt to prevent pneumonia. A few days into the new year I saw my doctor again and got some antibiotics. I’m still finishing those now, but they’ve helped clear up the sinus infection and cough enough that I can finally sleep and function to care for the kids each day.

So, in summary, I spent almost five months nauseous and vomiting multiple times a day, followed by a six week period where I had: a stomach virus, the flu, a sinus infection, a cold, and bronchitis (and I still have a painful earache).

Yeah, so. In a nutshell, that is why I haven’t written anything. It’s been all I could do each day just to dress and feed myself, and do the absolute bare minimum in keeping my kids alive and happy. I’ve been in survival mode, and barely meeting that goal.


I have sorely missed this emotional, creative outlet. I’ve also missed my amateur photography. These photos are the few I managed to snap for our family Christmas card this year. I miss Washington, the green and the water and the mountains and the rain. I’ve been physical ill every day for six months, and emotionally struggling with leaving the only place I’d ever called home, leaving everything familiar behind, and not feeling physical capable of doing anything to try and embrace my new home.

While I still don’t feel great, I’m hoping that choosing to just jump in here and start writing again will help with the emotional burden and give me a positive outlet. I’ve always found such joy in sharing our lives here. Bear with me and what I’m sure will be intermittent and sporadic posts for awhile, and I will do my best to get back into a routine that allows me to blog here on a regular basis again.

Here’s to a new year! Preferably one filled with less germs. (Go get your flu shots!)



2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. What great photos of your family!
    I too have found our blog a great way to purge my emotions. I do enjoy writing and this is such a great way to learn new things.
    Hope your pregnancy goes well!
    Chill Mom Julia

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