Zoey’s Kindergarten Promotion

Last week, Zoey’s school held a “promotion” ceremony for all the kindergarteners. It was adorable. The kids walked under an arch of streamers that read “Kindergarten” on the side they entered and “1st Grade” on the side they came out. Some kids ran quickly, others walked timidly, some waved, others stopped to pose for pictures for their parents. One girl in tiny heels outright pranced like she was on a catwalk. It was so fun to see their personalities shine through. For her part, Zoey kept her eyes scanning the crowd for Zach and I. When she spotted us, her face lit up and she waved like crazy.

Zoey Kindergarten Promotion (7)
The Kindergarten teachers. Zoey’s is Ms. Kerri, holding the streamer arch.
Zoey Kindergarten Promotion (11)
My big First Grader!
Zoey Kindergarten Promotion (15)
A high-five for Ms. M, the Focus Room teacher, whom Zoey spent a lot of time with this year.


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