Combined Parent Day Round-Up

Thanks to the insanity of moving, I’ve gotten really behind on blogging again. I completely skipped over Mother’s Day and now we’re past Father’s Day. So this post shall serve to preserve both for posterity.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day started out with Zach and the kids bringing me breakfast in bed.

01 Breakfast in Bed (2)
Zach, successfully keeping the kids from eating my breakfast

Next we headed off to Pike Place Market, one of my favorite places in Seattle. We saw the gum wall, which had the girls equally thrilled and grossed out.

02 Pike Place Gum Wall (1)

I got some beautiful flowers and a Pike Place Market fridge magnet (that probably won’t stick to the stainless steel fridge in our new home). We saw the waterfront and Great Wheel and Alden got to hug an enormous carved wooden salmon.

03 Seattle Great Wheel Waterfront (4)
Puget Sound and a Washington State Ferry

03 Seattle Great Wheel Waterfront (6)

04 Harbor Steps (4)
Zoey brought along her diary because she can’t seem to leave the house without something to take notes or sketch in. 
04 Harbor Steps (6)
Obligatory Harbor Steps selfie with my girls
04 Harbor Steps (3)
Alden got carried up like the Prince that he is

Father’s Day

I tried to make Zach breakfast in bed but, well, three kids + me cooking = minor chaos. I did manage to make him a very tasty breakfast though, with two dishes I’d never made before. Eggs in a Cloud and Avocado Toast (like the true millenials that we are).  Then it was off to the Space Needle, per Zach’s (and the kids) request.

2017 Father's Day (5)
The Most Awesomest Dad
2017 Father's Day (42)
Helping the kids climb rocks at Seattle Center

2017 Father's Day (49)

2017 Father's Day (7)
Zach and Alden in line to go up the Space Needle. A.K.A. my new favorite photo ever

Zach wanted one good family photo at the top of the Space Needle. Unfortunately, Alden had a complete meltdown. He is obsessed with opening and closing every door he passes, sometimes repeatedly, and it must be “Do it self!!” At the top of the Needle there are doors to go out onto the observation deck. Not only are they too heavy for Alden do by himself, they also have a lot of people traffic going in and out of them on a constant basis. Neither of those make for a good situation for a two year old boy that feels he must fully open and fully close the door all by himself. After a long scream-fest we decided to cut our losses and head for lunch.

2017 Father's Day (32)
The closest we got to a good family photo at the top
2017 Father's Day (15)
Cheesy selfie
2017 Father's Day (23)
More Cheese

We had a tasty, over-priced lunch at the Seattle Center Armory where there was a legit robot battle tournament going on. The kids really enjoyed watching a bit of that. Then we all piled into the van to head to Puyallup and surprise my dad for father’s day. We played crouquet, picked strawberries, had a barbecue dinner that we ate outside on the patio and rounded off a really nice day with my parents.

2017 Father's Day (25)
We make a pretty darn good parenting team, I think. 

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